Research Magazine Of Artificial Intelligence, Approaching the Right via the Wrong and the Quest for Universal Truths

Press Release No. 24/2024
6 March 2024

The latest issue of the research magazine of Heidelberg University deals with the concepts RIGHT & WRONG

Artificial intelligence – the most consequential advancement of our age or soon to be responsible for the demise of our species? The research community is not alone in confronting the question of whether continuing to develop AI is right or wrong. What a Heidelberg expert on machine learning has to say about this in conversation with the language model ChatGPT is a topic in the current issue of RUPERTO CAROLA, the research magazine published by Heidelberg University. This issue is devoted to the concepts RIGHT & WRONG. The articles by 23 Heidelberg researchers cover a spectrum ranging from the oldest known fake in human history, an ancient change of perspective and approaching the right via the wrong, to current problems such as fake news, conspiracy theories and the dispute about “right” and “wrong” words. 

RuCa 23 Cover

Besides looking back into the past, engaging with artificial intelligence or deriving new insights from communication science, research studies from philosophical, theological and medical ethics, from sociology and law show that questions about RIGHT & WRONG have preoccupied humanity since time immemorial, and particularly concern our society today. This immediately touches upon the quest for supposedly universal truths. Theologian Prof. Dr Friederike Nüssel and physicist Prof. Dr Manfred Salmhofer share their expertise and talk about creating knowledge through theories and empiricism, the need to challenge our own ideas and the question of what we can ever really know.

The RUPERTO CAROLA research magazine appears twice a year, mainly in German with English abstracts, and addresses all members of the university, its partners in academia, politics, business and society, and, in particular, alumni, friends and an interested public in Germany and abroad. The magazine is available from the Communications and Marketing department of Heidelberg University (Alte Universität, Grabengasse 1, phone +49 6221 / 54-2311). All editions are also accessible online via the open access publisher Heidelberg University Publishing (heiUP).