FundingHans-Peter Wild Talent Scholarships Awarded

11 December 2023

Third funding year: Ten students receive funding for their MINT subject study programmes at Heidelberg University

“Use the wonderful opportunity the scholarship offers you,” said Prof. Dr Silke Hertel, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Teaching at Heidelberg University, addressing the ten students who can enjoy special support for their courses. They have just been awarded a Hans-Peter Wild Talent Scholarship, which is open to gifted, motivated young people with enthusiasm for mathematics, computer science, natural science or technology – known as the MINT subjects. The scholarship certificates were presented at an award ceremony in the Great Hall of the Old University, which students from the first two years of the scholarship programme, launched in 2021, also attended.

In her words of welcome, the Vice-Rector congratulated the new scholarship-holders, and then paid tribute to Dr Hans-Peter Wild as one of the most important sponsors of Heidelberg University. Dr Martin Kleppe from the WILD Group responded on behalf of the founder, who was unable to be personally present on the occasion. He conveyed the donor’s “best wishes” and reaffirmed that the MINT subjects can make a particular contribution to meeting the challenges of the future. The awardees selected for the scholarship number among the best of their year. The over 160 applications in the current round of awards are proof of the great interest in the scholarship programme, according to Martin Kleppe.

Life scientist Prof. Dr Kerstin Göpfrich, head of the research group “Biophysical Engineering of Life” at the Center for Molecular Biology of Heidelberg University, gave a refreshing insight into her research field. In her studies she investigates whether a cell can be completely built up from scratch with the aid of 3D printing or DNA origami. Arjun Udupa, who received the Hans-Peter Wild Talent Scholarship in 2021, reported on his experience as a master’s student at Heidelberg University. With his podcast series “The Life in Science”, the student of Molecular Biosciences has also taken the first steps in science communication.

On behalf of the sponsor, Dr Antje Louis then presented their certificates to the scholarship holders, together with the Vice-Rector. Financial support is going to students from all five faculties in the MINT field; they began their bachelor’s or master’s course in a MINT subject at Heidelberg University in the 2023/2024 winter semester. The six women and four men selected in the third funding year are from Germany, Armenia, Russia, Iran and India. The event on 7 December 2023 was framed musically by pianist Luca Sestak with his own compositions between jazz and classical style.

The Hans-Peter Wild Talent Scholarship, with its monthly payment of 1,000 euros, is granted on a merit basis. Eligible to apply for the respective winter semester are outstanding prospective students from Germany and abroad who wish to complete a degree at Ruperto Carola in mathematics, computer science, one of the natural science disciplines or in the field of technology. The funding can be extended beyond two semesters after a successful test of talent and academic performance. The goal of the programme is ideally to support the scholarship holders until the end of their course of study. 30 students are currently receiving financial support, including the beneficiaries of the first two funding rounds.

Entrepreneur and alumnus Hans-Peter Wild is involved in many different ways as a close friend, advisor and provider of generous endowments to Ruperto Carola, including as one of the group of benefactors of the Heidelberg Center for American Studies. In recognition of his long years of service to the promoting of research and teaching at Heidelberg University, the Senate in 1996 conferred on him the status of an honorary senator. Dr Wild’s great loyalty to his alma mater was also evident in his commitment during the fundraising campaign ZUKUNFT STIFTEN (fund the future) that ended in 2019. For example, he made funds available to attract outstanding scholars to Heidelberg University and also donated three million euros towards financing the new building of the European Institute for Neuromorphic Computing.

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    Prof. Dr Silke Hertel, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Teaching, opened the festive event to present the scholarships, which took place on 7 December 2023 in the Great Hall of the Old University.
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    Third funding year: Ten students at Heidelberg University received a Hans-Peter Wild Talent Scholarship at the start of the winter semester.
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    Dr Martin Kleppe from the WILD Group spoke on behalf of the donor, who was not able to be present personally.
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    Hans-Peter Wild Talent Scholarships Awarded
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    Heidelberg life scientist Prof. Dr Kerstin Göpfrich gave an interesting insight into her area of research.
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    Pianist Luca Sestak provided the musical setting for the event.
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    Arjun Udupa (middle), a scholarship holder from the first funding year, reported on his experience as a master’s student at Heidelberg University.