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Multifunctional Student ID

Heidelberg University provides its students with a multifunctional student ID. This card identifies the holder as a student of Heidelberg University.



 The student ID is used for the following:

  • University computer centre and library services that require an ID or login
  • University library card
  • Payment card for student services (cafeteria, copier, etc.)

The ID is also a free pass for public transport with the Rhine-Neckar Transport Association (VRN) on weekdays from 7pm and all weekend. (*)


The student ID is issued on enrolment. If you enrol in person, you will receive your student ID at that time. If you enrol by mail, your student ID and any other documents will be sent to you by mail. In either case, a digital passport photograph is required to issue the student ID. In the LSF portal, go to “My functions -> General administration” and select “Upload photo for student ID”. There you will also find details on photo format, uploading, and enrolling.


The student ID must be validated by the student on receipt. The semester time period is then indicated on the thermal strip of the ID. The student ID must be revalidated after each semester after re-registration. The validation devices are located in the service portal of central university administration (map) and the main cafeteria in Neuenheimer Feld (map).


The cost for issuing a new student ID (if lost) is 10 euros. You can apply for a new student ID in the student administration office or the service portal.

International students can request a replacement student ID from their student administration representative in the International Relations Office.


If you find a student ID, please send it to the following address: Heidelberg University, Seminarstr. 2, 69117 Heidelberg. You can also hand in a found student ID at the service portal of central university administration or the info centres at student services.
Found student IDs can be picked up at the service portal on presentation of an identity card.



(*) On evenings, weekends and holidays, a personalised and valid student ID from Heidelberg University is recognised as a free pass on public transport. This applies Monday through Friday from 7pm and all day on weekends and holidays for public transport by the Rhine-Neckar Transport Association (VRN). The evening and weekend privileges also apply to students enrolled at Heidelberg University who study in Mannheim (e.g., Medical Faculty Mannheim). For Heidelberg students, nodes 125, 105, 135, and 145 apply. For Mannheim students, nodes 74, 84, 94 and 104 apply.


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