No tuition fees starting summer semester 2012

The Baden-Württemberg state government has abolished tuition fees in the state.

Information from the Ministry

Information on the use of tuition fees

Information on the use of tuition fees.


Contribution to administrative costs

The administrative costs contribution helps finance administrative services related to e.g. enrolment, leave of absences, re-registration, exmatriculation, internship arrangements, support of transition to career, etc. Subject-related advisory services for students and teaching are not included.


Social contribution for student services

The social contribution for student services is mandatory, to be paid on enrolment and re-registration. This fee helps support student services (cafeteria, dining halls, student housing, psychotherapeutic counselling office).

Information on reimbursement of student services fee

Application for reimbursement of student services fee

Student service fee regulations



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Fees for study at Heidelberg University

Study at Heidelberg University costs 142,30 euros per semester (there are special fees for continuing education and existing non-consecutive master's degree programmes). The amount is due at the beginning of each semester on re-registration, i.e. must be paid at time of enrolment. The fees include the following:


60.00 euros Administrative costs
7.50 euros Fee for the constituted student body
  Social contribution for student services:
49.00 euros Student services fees
25.80 euros Complementary financing of regional transit pass
142.30 euros Total

All fees in detail
(auditing courses, replacement student ID, etc.)




Student financing


Bank details of Heidelberg University

Funds transfer

Baden-Württembergische Bank, Stuttgart

IBAN: DE28 6005 0101 0004 9617 81


(BLZ 600 501 01  Kto. 4961781)

Use: Matriculation no.

Cash payment

Sparkasse Heidelberg  - Am Universitätsplatz
KTO: 21 911
BLZ: 672 500 20


Use of tuition fees

Up until the 2011/12 winter semester, Heidelberg University collected tuition fees. In the interest of greater transparency, each semester the university publishes overviews of how tuition fees are allocated and used. [More...]



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