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Protestant Theology

Course outline
Course structure
Formal requirements
Academic advisor

Degree Master of Arts
Application mandatory
Course commences winter semester / summer semester
Standard course duration 4 semesters
Format options full-time / part-time
Language requirements certified proficiency in Hebrew (on application);
ancient Greek (on application)
Language of instruction German
Other features postgraduate / continuing education course (non-consecutive)
Study fees EUR 850 per semester (full-time), EUR 425 per semester (part-time)


Faculty of Theology

Course outline

The postgraduate Master’s degree programme in Protestant theology is aimed at individuals with professional experience and a completed higher education degree programme who are interested in transferring to the Evangelical Church of Baden’s rectory. The programme with a standard period of study of four semesters covers all theological disciplines and requires students to reflect on previous professional experience with regard to future practice. The aim of the module examinations and the Master's thesis is to assess whether graduates have acquired the necessary specialised knowledge, whether they have an overview of the interconnections in the individual subjects and whether they are able to apply scientific methods and findings.

Course structure

To pass the M.A. course in Protestant Theology, students require a total of 120 credit points (1 CP is equivalent to 30 hours of work). Standard course duration is 4 semesters, including the M.A. thesis and the final examinations. Students taking the course on a part-time (career-integrated) basis will naturally need more time.

The course is made up of the following modules: Old Testament, New Testament, Ecclesiastical and Theological History, Systematic Theology, Religious Studies & Intercultural Theology, Practical Theology. Students are required to sit tests/examinations in these modules for which they are awarded credit points. After conclusion of the modules, they are then given three months to complete the M.A. thesis. For more details, consult the Examination Regulations.

Formal requirements


Access to the course is restricted. The current Admission Regulations are available here.

Applications must be addressed to the Faculty of Theology.

            The subject-specific admission requirements are

  1. above-average grades in a degree course at a German or non-German university with a standard course duration of at least three semesters (B.A. level) or a degree course officially recognised as being equivalent to the preceding;
  2. the Hebraicum (certified proficiency in Hebrew)
  3. knowledge of ancient Greek equivalent to the proficiency attained in the Ancient Greek I course at the Heidelberg Faculty of Theology; the grade obtained in the final written test must be 4.0 or better;
  4. the Großes Biblicum Old Testament and the Großes Biblicum New Testament;
  5. membership of a Protestant church or another church belonging to the Ecumenical Council of Churches or the Lutheran World Federation or the World Alliance of Reformed Churches. Exceptions require the assent of the Faculty Council (two-thirds majority);
  6. at least seven years of relevant professional practice. Exceptions require the assent of the Admissions Committee;
  7. students can remedy any shortcomings in connection with the language requirements and the Biblica (items 2-4) in the course of the M.A. programme itself. The criteria must however be met in full before applying for admission to the final examinations.

For more details, consult the Admission Regulations.


Application deadlines / Information regarding application

The deadlines for all applicants are

15 May for the winter semester

15 November for the summer semester

Please don't use double-sided prints, staplings, transparent films, paper clips or application files.

Please submit proof of your professional experience (several month internships, contract lecturing positions, trainee teacher positions etc.) and create a table in which your professional activities are clearly listed with information on the durations in years and months. Please also indicate if you were not in full-time employment. Do not forget to attach a tabular CV to your application. A letter of motivation is optional.​

Further information

Current information on application procedure


Study and examination regulations

Examination regulations M.A. Protestant Theology (6 March 2013)Adobe
Examination regulations M.A. Protestant Theology (1 October 2014)Adobe
Examination regulations M.A. Protestant Theology (1 October 2014, amended 2 November 2015)


Examinations board

Issues arising in connection with examinations, credit transfer and academic credential recognition are dealt with by the relevant examinations board/office. For more information, consult the academic advisor(s) indicated below.


Academic advisor

Vjatscheslav Dreier
Administration MA. Protestant Theology
Dean's Office - Faculty of Theology
Heidelberg University
Kisselgasse 1
D-69117 Heidelberg
phone: 06221 543301

office hours: appointment by arrangement; usually Monday 3 - 4 p.m.


As the M.A. in Protestant Theology is a continuing education course, it is subject to a tuition fee of EUR 850 per semester (full-time study) or EUR 425 per semester (part-time study). Students are also required to pay a contribution to Student Services and an administration fee. For more information, consult the Fee Regulations.


The Dean - Faculty of Theology
Hauptstr. 231
D-69117 Heidelberg


Vjatscheslav Dreier

Student representation


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