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Molecular Biotechnology

Degree: Master of Science
Application mandatory
Course start: winter semester/summer semester
Course duration: 4 semesters
Form of course: full-time only
Language requirements: English, German (on application)
Language of instruction: English and German
Other: postgraduate / consecutive

Faculty of Biosciences

Regularly updated information on the course can be found on the website.


Course outline

The M.Sc. programme in Molecular Biotechnology covers the three core areas Bioinformatics, Biophysical Chemistry and Substance Research. The interdisciplinary character of the programme enables students to specialise in their preferred field and is an excellent preparation for a scientific career in one of the life sciences. Both theoretical and practical classes are offered in the core areas referred to above. Students are free to attend any of the lectures and seminars at Heidelberg University and thus develop an individual study profile. The focus in the course proper is, however, on practical activity in research laboratories, involving the students in scientific projects that they can also continue (or start from scratch with) at other universities or research institutions at home and abroad. Students spend much of their time in scientific laboratories conducting individual research projects. The findings produced by these projects are frequently published in high-ranking scientific journals.

Course structure

The course is organised and supported by the Heidelberg Institute for Pharmacy and Molecular Biotechnology (IPMB), a modern, interdisciplinary centre for research on active substances. Other institutions involved in the programme include the Faculties of Chemistry and Physics and a number of other prestigious research facilities (German Cancer Research Centre, Heidelberg Centre for Molecular Biology, Heidelberg Centre for Biochemistry, etc.).

The programme takes four semesters. The main subjects are Substance Research, Bioinformatics and Biophysical Chemistry. The fourth semester is devoted to the M.Sc. thesis. Courses can be put together individually. Students can make their own choices from a wide range of lectures, seminars and lab classes at Heidelberg University.

Nearly all M.Sc. graduates students go on to do a doctorate, many graduates receive offers to do their doctoral work at internationally prestigious universities and research institutions, an indication of the high standards the programme is geared to.
Very few M.Sc. graduates go into industry without a doctorate.

Phases abroad during the M.Sc. programme

During the M.Sc. programme, three of the maximum of six research placements (each six weeks long) can be completed abroad. Students taking advantage of this rule often work in research labs that are up among the leaders worldwide. Over 80% of the M.Sc. students have done at least one placement abroad. The Course and Examinations Office provides administrative support and assistance.


Formal requirements

Application and admission

There is an entry restriction and an admission restriction. Please consult the Admission Regulations here.

Closing date for applications

15 March for the winter semester

15 November for the summer semester

Application procedure

Current information on the application procedure

Further information

Website of the Faculty of Biosciences

Admission to the next semester

The admission restriction also applies to the transition from one semester to the next. In this instance, apply directly to the Faculty of Biosciences by 15 July for the winter semester and 15 January for the summer semester.


Admission regulations

Admission regulations M.Sc.

Examinations regulations

Examination regulations M.Sc.
Examination regulations M.Sc. (9 February 2012, last amended 5 April 2019)

Module Handbook

Please click here to find the latest Module Handbook (see „Inhalte“).

Examinations board

Issues arising in connection with examinations, credit transfer and academic credential recognition are dealt with by the relevant examinations board/office. For more information, consult the academic advisor(s) indicated below.


To study at Heidelberg University, tuition fees must be paid at the beginning of each semester.


Academic advisors

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Müller
Dean of Studies; Molecular Biotechnology
Im Neuenheimer Feld 364, 5th floor
phone: +49 (0)6221-54-6717

Dr. Holger Schäfer
Institute of Pharmacy and Molecular Biotechnology
Im Neuenheimer Feld 364, Office 403
phone: +49 (0)6221-54-4865

Frau Dr. D. Kaufmann
Im Neuenheimer Feld 364, ground floor
phone: +49 (0)6221-54-5670


Secretaries’ office for study and examination issues
arising in Pharmacy and Molecular Biotechnology
Faculty of Biosciences

Katrin Kneféli

Heidelberg University
Im Neuenheimer Feld 234
69120 Heidelberg

phone: +49 (0)6221 546036
fax: +49 (0)6221 544953

Internet: Contacts in Molecular Biology

Student representation

Im Neuenheimer Feld 364
D-69120 Heidelberg





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