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Jewish Studies

Degree Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Application not required
Course commences winter semester only
Standard course duration 6 semesters
Language requirements none


Hochschule für jüdische Studien (College of Jewish Studies)


Aims of the course

The B.A. course in Jewish Studies revolves around the scholarly engagement with Judaism in all its manifestations, i.e. with Jewish religion, culture and literature from antiquity to the present. To this end, the programme gives equal emphasis to sound proficiency in Hebrew, a perspective oriented towards cultural studies and an approach that is markedly interdisciplinary. The course imparts to students the principles of academic study and the methodological and professional skills required of them when embarking on a career related to Jewish Studies, be it in cultural studies, information-related professions or activities in cultural or academic management. The B.A. programme in Jewish Studies attaches especial importance to skills of relevance to society.

The B.A. programme in Jewish Studies can be taken as a main subject (75%), a joint-main subject (50%, either as a first main subject or a second main subject) and a subsidiary (minor) subject (25%). Other subjects can be chosen from Heidelberg University’s catalogue of subjects.

Course structure

The course is modular in structure. It encompasses introductory, continuing, in-depth and extension modules that are either compulsory or elective-compulsory. The number of credit points required for successful graduation depends on the kind of course selected (main, joint-main, subsidiary). For more information on content, structure and the study and examination regulations for the course, please consult our website.
B.A. Jewish Studies 75% (main)
B.A. Jewish Studies 50% (joint-main)
B.A. Jewish Studies 25% (subsidiary)

Course Overwiew

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Formal requirements


Tuition fees at Heidelberg University are payable at the beginning of each semester.

M.A. course

The College of Jewish Studies offers a consecutive M.A. course in Jewish Studies.

Student counselling

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