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Quality assurance in the doctoral procedure (PDF) (Ger)
Position paper of the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts, Baden-Württemberg

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Rules and Guidelines at Heidelberg University

Alte Aula 250x125It is the declared aim of Heidelberg University to preserve and promote an atmosphere of openness, creativity and achievement. A university culture based on partnership and fair competition forms the foundation of successful work in teaching, research and administration. At the same time, it is an important factor for the prevention of academic misconduct.

Besides existing laws, a series of mission statements, guidelines and principles have been developed at Heidelberg University, adapted to the specific situations and the respective departments or institutions and drawn up in close coordination with them. In assuming its responsibility, the university has taken particular precautions against academic misconduct, and will follow up any actual case of suspicion.


Anti-corruption Policy  (PDF) (Ger)
These are guidelines on precautions and prevention of corruption with specific advice on accepting rewards and gifts, procurement, business trips and accepting third-party funding, sponsoring and donations.

Senate guideline on fair conduct (PDF)
A university culture that values partnership and fair competition forms the basis for a positive working climate and is thereby an important precondition for success.

Rules for safeguarding good academic practice and handling academic misconduct (PDF)
In order to assume its responsibility in research and the directly related tasks in teaching and promoting young researchers, Heidelberg University has made legal provision for handling cases of academic misconduct.

Research Data Policy (Ger)
Richtlinien für das Management von Forschungsdaten an der Universität Heidelberg mit dem Ziel, die Verfügbarkeit von Forschungsdaten für die Nachvollziehbarkeit und Überprüfbarkeit sowie die weitergehende Nutzung zu verbessern.

Statute on the ombudsperson for doctoral students and their supervisors (PDF) (Ger)
In the case of conflicts arising from work on dissertations, doctoral students can turn to the independent ombudsperson, who will provide advice and mediation.

Statutes of the ethics commissions of the medical faculties (PDF) (Ger)
The ethics commissions assess ethical and legal aspects of medical research on human beings and advise those responsible.

Statutes of the ethics commission of the Faculty of Behavioural and Cultural Studies (PDF) (Ger)
The ethics commission assesses proposed research project on people in terms of their ethical accountability.

Open Access Policy (Ger)
The university has the responsibility to make knowledge about human beings and the world extensively available and to pass it on to following generations, through research and teaching.

IP Policy – Exchanging knowledge and handling intellectual property at Heidelberg University (Ger)
Guidelines on exchanging knowledge through passing on and discussing insights and findings among academics, and exchanging and developing knowledge through interacting with other partners from academia, industry and society.

Senate recommendations on support for young researchers (PDF)
Guidelines on conditions for supporting young researchers, improving doctoral programmes, modernising the habilitation requirements, structuring junior professorships, supporting the career path of young research-group leaders, equality of opportunity for women and family support .

Circular on export control (PDF) (Ger)
Rules for compulsory approval of exports of technologies and technical support into or from non-EU member states .

Data protection rules – see Zendas cooperation agreement (PDF) (Ger)
The data protection centre of Baden-Württemberg Universities supports and advises the universities in taking their responsibilities regarding privacy laws.

Circular on publishing staff details (PDF) (Ger)
The privacy rules outlined here must be observed when publishing personal data.

Rules and regulations at the computing centre (Ger)
Rules on the following areas: administration, users, emailing, remuneration, operations, and information sheets.

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