Language Skills and Language Courses

Even though it is possible to get along within the University community with English only, good German skills make daily life easier and greatly facilitate the process of settling in to a new environment. Therefore, we recommend that international visitors learn or improve their German skills at home before beginning their research stay. The Goethe Institute, Germany’s main cultural institute, has branches all around the world and offers German language courses in more than 90 countries. There are also numerous possibilities to learn German in Heidelberg.

Language Courses

A basic level of proficiency in German is especially helpful for carrying out everyday tasks and communicating with people outside the University. There are numerous language schools in Heidelberg and the surrounding area that offer courses to learn or improve your German. The Welcome Centre organises German language courses especially for visiting scholars and their family members at the Internationales Studienzentrum.

The Heidelberg University offers also every summer German classes in the international summer course.

Our Mentorship Programme offers a good opportunity both to learn more about German culture and to deepen your language skills.



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