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Questions about funding opportunities and individual advising about applying for funding.

Heidelberg Research Service

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General information about work permits and other legal issues pertaining to working in Heidelberg


Funding Opportunities

Fellowship or Grant
Employment Contract
Personal Funding

Fellowship or Grant

Alte UniThere are a variety of funding programs for international scholars who wish to carry out research in Germany.

Databases and Information Services (Overview)


Selected Databases

EURAXESS Funding Database

The EURAXESS Germany database contains more than 80 programs offered by funding organisations in Germany. To a large extent, these funding programs are aimed at scholars at advanced stages in their careers. [More...]

DAAD Scholarship Database

This database is aimed at international students, doctoral students and postdocs. It contains information about DAAD programs as well as those of other German funding institutions. [More...]

ELFI Database

The Electronic Research Funding Information System (ELFI) offers information on more than 10.000 programmes and approximately 4.500 national and international sponsors. There is a fee charged for using the ELFI database; however, access is free of charge for members of the University. [More...]


Employment Contract with the University of Heidelberg

LaborThe university publishes its current job offers online. It is also possible to contact an institute or facility directly and ask about open or upcoming positions.

Job Offers


Personal Funding

ApparatIt is possible to come to Heidelberg without a fellowship or employment contract by providing your own funding. Please note: The German embassy or consulate as well as the  local Foreigners´Registration Office in Germany will want to verify the financial situation of guest researchers.

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