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Department 5.2: HR Services for Employees

Duties and Responsibilities

Department 5.2 is responsible for personnel administration throughout the entire period of employment: hiring, leaves of absence or parental leave until employment is terminated. Contacts in the department are assigned to specific institutes or facilities.

At a glance:

  • Personnel administration, counselling and consulting in labour law matters for employees
    • Preparation and closure of employment contracts
    • Determination of salary group
    • Leave of absence
    • Termination of employment
    • Maternal/Parental leave
  • Instructions for starting or stopping remuneration with the State Salaries and Pensions Office
  • Part-time job postings
  • Post administration and budget
  • Fundamentals of collective bargaining law
Responsibility Contact

Wage classification and job evaluations

University representation at Ministry of Science, Research, and the Arts (MWK) in staff representation proceedings

Legal representation in wage classification disputes with respect to staff representation law and labour law

Carina Treutel

Employee administration

Contacts (Ger) are assigned according to faculty or institution affiliation.

Petra Dilling

Laura Harbrecht
Annie Moodt

Silke Nagel
Petra Steiger-Meng

Cornelia Striebinger
Frank Tannenberger

Nimet Tanriver

Christina Wiedemann

Tajana Zobel

Supplement calculations

Theresa Zolk

Regine Klemm



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