Vanesa Rodríguez M.A. & Charlotte Blattner M.A.

Coordination International programme version MA TCL “Specialised Translation and Translation Technologies” as a Double Degree programme

Institute for Translation and Interpreting (IÜD)

Heidelberg University
Plöck 57a
D-69117 Heidelberg

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International programme version MA TCL “Specialised Translation and Translation Technologies” as a Double Degree programme




One programme, two continents, two degrees


Start of programme: summer semester

Application deadline: 15 November of the previous year




Universität Heidelberg

Heidelberg University, founded in 1386 and thus being Germany’s oldest university is now attended by around 30 000 students. With its student spirit, the city of Heidelberg forms the lively centre of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, which is characterised by a high density of commercial enterprises and research institutions with a strong development potential. Together with the university they form an international competitive research network leading to a multitude of cooperation opportunities. The university’s global network makes internationality and internationalisation two of its principal characteristics.



Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile was founded in 1888 and is now considered to be one of the most prestigious universities of Latin America. The university’s 18 faculties are spread the entire city of Santiago de Chile and attended by around 30 000 students. With 37 research institutions and international cooperation with universities worldwide, the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile is an important scientific centre in Latin America. The capital of Chile as an important centre of economy, culture and media offers a lively artistic and cultural scene.



Die Masterstudiengangsvariante mit Doppelabschluss „Fachübersetzen und Übersetzungstechnologie“ zwischen der Universität Heidelberg und der Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile profitiert synergetisch von den Erfahrungen, Strukturen und Netzwerken des Heidelberg Center für Lateinamerika (HCLA). Das HCLA, DAAD-Exzellenzzentrum für Lehre und Forschung in Santiago de Chile, ist der Offshore-Campus der Universität Heidelberg in der Region Lateinamerika.


Two degrees

After acquiring 120 ECTS credits, the students will be awarded the two following university degrees:

·       Master of Arts in Translation, Communication, Language Technology (Universität Heidelberg)

·       Master in Specialised Translation and Translation Technologies (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)

The international programme variation as a Double Degree is characterised by an international technology and language technology backed perspective on translation practice. It that sense in promotes the critical reflection on the effectiveness of cultural imprints and persistently strengthens technology-based communication skills. Dealing directly with both cultural and scientific traditions heightens the students’ perception for individuality, alterity and cultural diversity and enables them to act flexibly and confidently in intercultural contexts. The students create a differentiated academic profile of a distinctively international and interdisciplinary character.

Main contents

  • Technology-based translation practices (CAT-Tools, Proof-Reading & Quality Assurance), general and specialised translation
  • Ibero-American studies
  • Research in linguistics and translation studies
  • Language and cultural mediation

Acquired competences

  • Ability to solve complex tasks in specialised translation
  • Professional, conscious, and sensitive approach to new media and information technologies as well es technology-based translation tools
  • Ability to select and apply advanced strategies for the successful management of intercultural issues
  • Transfer of the profound theoretical knowledge on translation, language, and cultural studies, also interacting with neighbouring disciplines, both to translation practice and scientific work
  • Cultural competence and the ability to cultural mediation

Professional perspective

  • Employment in translation departments of large companies, national and international organisations, and institutions
  • Freelance translator
  • Employment in cultural mediation in the German, Spanish, and English language, culture, and economic area
  • Terminology management, software localisation, technological orientation
  • Cultural consulting
  • Senior position in the field of intercultural communication
  • Organisation and management in industry, as well as in national and international institutions and universities
  • Occupation in research, science and university teaching, binational doctorate


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