With its breadth of institutions and competencies in the environmental sciences, Heidelberg University is well qualified to help formulate solutions to complex societal challenges such as global warming. Relevant research projects exist in the earth sciences, in geography, environmental physics, environmental economics, environmental law, environmental psychology and in the Biodiversity Research Unit, among others. The Heidelberg Center for the Environment (HCE) in particular brings together activities in the environmental sciences at Heidelberg University. In addition, scientists of the university contribute to a multitude of inter-university research networks that focus on sustainability and the environment.

Nachhaltigkeit: Forschung Klimakammer

Research Projects

The scientific investigation of questions surrounding sustainability requires a combination of different disciplinary perspectives. As a research university offering a broad range of subjects, Heidelberg University makes full use of its unique potential to address complex challenges through enhanced interdisciplinary cooperation. Consequently, it offers excellent conditions for research projects in the environmental sciences and related disciplines.

Research Projects

Heidelberg Center for the Environment

The Heidelberg Center for the Environment (HCE) is the hub of Heidelberg University’s network of competencies in the environmental sciences. Its goal is to provide the scientific tools needed to address the existential challenges and ecological impact of natural, technical and societal change on humankind across subjects and disciplines. Founded in 2011, the HCE was funded and developed as part of Heidelberg University’s institutional strategy in the second phase of the German Excellence Initiative. It is an essential part of the university’s Excellence Strategy – as one of three interdisciplinary incubators, it engages all parts of the university, initiates new research projects and assembles the required methods and technologies.