Rules and GuidelinesGood Academic Practice

It is the declared aim of Heidelberg University to preserve and promote an atmosphere of openness, creativity and achievement. A university culture based on partnership and fair competition forms the foundation of successful work in teaching, research and administration. At the same time, it is an important factor for the prevention of academic misconduct.

Besides existing laws, a series of mission statements, guidelines and principles have been developed at Heidelberg University, adapted to the specific situations and the respective departments or institutions and drawn up in close coordination with them. In assuming its responsibility, the university has taken particular precautions against academic misconduct, and will follow up any actual case of suspicion.

Dealing with misconduct in science

Heidelberg University is responsible for research and directly associated teaching tasks as well as for the support of young researchers. The rector’s office has a standing commission to investigate allegations of academic misconduct.

In the event of such an allegation, the Senate-appointed ombudsmen or the chair of the commission serve as the initial point of contact. The commission clarifies the facts of the case in detail, evaluates them and takes any necessary measures (e.g., correction order to violator, information regarding publisher, etc.) To the extent the commission deems relevant legal measures necessary, it submits a recommendation to the rectorate of the university.

The specific rules regarding misconduct in programme services or examinations are cited in the examination regulations for each degree or study programme or the applicable doctoral regulations. In addition, there is a university-wide honesty code for study programmes and examinations.

Policies and Guidelines