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What support is provided at Heidelberg University for start-ups?

hei_INNOVATION offers free consulting services that provide information about the process of founding a company, corresponding funding opportunities, the validation of business models, as well as property rights. Thanks to a broad network, numerous areas of expertise can also be covered. Furthermore, seminars, workshops and programmes are offered in which members of the university can advance and validate projects, but also gain experience on the topic of entrepreneurship.

Is the consulting service for founders free of charge and confidential?

Yes, the consulting service for founders provided by the university's transfer agency is free of charge. All shared data and information is treated as strictly confidential. All hei_INNOVATION employees are bound to secrecy and may not pass on what has been discussed to third parties without express permission.

Consulting Service for Founders

Do I have to have a specific start-up idea in order to take advantage of the consulting service?

You should have a basic business idea, but it does not have to be completely developed; much of it will be developed together with the hei_INNOVATION advisors after the initial consulting.

Can legal questions also be answered during the consulting service?

No, there is no consulting on legal questions as part of the consulting service.

Does hei_INNOVATION help with the application for funding as well?

Yes, hei_INNOVATION offers comprehensive consulting on current funding projects as well as other financing options. The method of financing one chooses depends greatly on one's personal situation and circumstances. Each type of financing has its advantages and disadvantages. hei_INNOVATION provides concrete support in applying for EXIST funding, as well as basic consulting on how to apply for funding. Depending on the industry, an individual assessment will be made as to which funding is suitable for start-ups or projects.

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What programmes are offered as start-up support?

The STARTUP LAB focuses on teams that are in the validation phase. In four weeks, they go through numerous workshops in the LAB and receive input on topics such as sales, marketing, business model development or pitching. In addition, the INNOVATON SCHOOL or the seminars offered in the Entrepreneurship Certificate provide a suitable offer, depending on the needs and stage of the start-up idea, which helps aspiring founders to further develop themselves and their idea.

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How can I exchange ideas with other founders or start-ups and find team members?

Once a month, the START UPeritivo by hei_INNOVATION takes place, a regulars' table where teams and participants from the hei_INNOVATION programmes, start-up enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship enthusiasts meet to exchange ideas and network. The UPeritivo also offers the opportunity to find new team members. Specific requests can be pitched at the START UPeritivo.


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