Management of StudiesStatutory accident insurance

Students are legally insured against accidents according to the German Social Security Code (SGB VII). The prerequisite is that you are enrolled at a state-recognised university, college or university of applied sciences or are a doctoral or diploma student. The insurance cover is non-contributory. The costs are borne by the German federal states.

Insurance coverage exists

  • during attendance of lectures and seminars
  • during other activities for which the university is responsible (participation in revision courses and excursions)
  • during visits to university and state libraries
  • during general university sports activities
  • during activities in student self-administration
  • during related trips (journey to enrolment is already ensured)

Accident reports and notifications to the Accident Insurance Fond

Accidents that occur on the university campus or on the direct route between home and the university or during general university sports must be reported to the responsible office at the university. Until 31 December 2023, Studierendenwerk Heidelberg took over the reporting of student accidents to the UKBW.

From 1 January 2024 onward, students at Heidelberg University should send their accident reports by e-mail to:

Heidelberg University
Department 2.1 – Student Administration
Seminarstr. 2
69117 Heidelberg

Please note: Under point 22 of the form ("Head (representative) of the institution"), the contact person of the respective institute at which the student is enrolled should be entered.
The Unfallkasse Baden-Württemberg (UKBW) will also replace medical aids (e.g. glasses, hearing aids, etc.) damaged in an accident. This can be indicated under point 15 of the form.

Supplementary accident insurance

Supplementary accident insurance exists for:

  • Accidents during leisure time
  • Accidents during internships and exam preparation activities for studies outside the university
  • Accidents while working in a profession or trade - also as a student trainee - if this activity is part of the preparation for the examination
  • accidents during a semester abroad
  • deaths

Your contact for supplementary accident insurance is the Studierendenwerk Heidelberg.