Management of StudiesExmatriculation

Students are considered members of the University until they exmatriculate. Students may exmatriculate between the beginning of the re-registration period of the current semester, and the deadline for enrolment for the following semester, or on a set date. It is not possible to exmatriculate retrospectively. The application for exmatriculation (available from the Student Administration, from the University Library, and online), must contain a clearance note from the University Library and/or other institutional libraries. This note confirms that there are no outstanding fees, or books on loan. 

Reasons for exmatriculation may include

  • successful completion of a course 
  • transfer to another university 
  • interruption of studies or discontinuation of studies 

Students can submit a complete application for exmatriculation, along with all required documents, in person to the Student Administration. In this case, they will be immediately provided with a certificate of exmatriculation. The application may also be made in writing (Student Administration, Heidelberg University, Seminarstr.  2, 69117 Heidelberg). In this case students must provide all required documents, as well as an addressed and franked standard envelope. The Student Administration will post the certificate of exmatriculation in this envelope.