International prospective studentsSupplementary examination at the preparatory course (Studienkolleg) - Application documents

International applicants who apply to take the supplementary examination in combination with an application for a degree programme for subjects with open admission as well as EU/EEA nationals who wish to apply for subjects with restricted admission or subjects with an entrance examination (application for these must be made separately) and who apply exclusively to take the supplementary examination must submit the following documents by the deadline:

  • Fully completed and personally signed application for admission
  • Officially certified copy or transcript of the certificate of higher education entrance qualification entitling the holder to higher education studies in the respective country of origin (e.g. Abitur, Baccalauréat, Attestat, Bachiller, High School Diploma, etc.) including the corresponding lists of individual grades.
  • Uncertified copy or transcript of the certificate of the “Feststellungsprüfung” (assessment test) passed at a Studienkolleg in Germany, including the corresponding overview of individual grades.
  • If applicable: Officially certified copies or transcripts of the certificates or transcripts of university entrance examinations passed abroad, including the corresponding list of individual grades and - if available - the letter of admission from the foreign university.
  • If applicable: Officially certified copies or transcripts of all college and university certificates (colleges, academies, etc.) acquired, as well as the corresponding lists of individual grades per semester or academic year.
  • If applicable: Officially certified copies of all academic achievements (Transcript of Records) per semester or academic year, if the degree programme has not yet been completed.
  • All university semesters already completed or currently completed in Germany must be proven by means of matriculation certificates (including details of the subject, subject semesters and intended degree).
  • Written proof from the examination chairperson of the Studienkolleg Heidelberg that you have agreed to take part in the supplementary examination.
  • Statement on the planned financing of studies (does not apply to EU/EEA nationals)
  • Uncertified copy of passport or identity card (page with name in Latin transcription)
  • Proof (PDF printout) of the compulsory online self-test for study orientation for admission to an undergraduate degree programme at a higher education institution in Baden-Württemberg
  • For applicants who have already started a degree programme in Germany or abroad and wish to change their subject: Written justification for the change of subject.
  • For applicants who have already completed a degree qualifying them for a profession in Germany or abroad and who wish to pursue a second degree in another undergraduate degree programme: Written justification for the renewed application.

Country-specific application documents

  • For applicants with certificates from Vietnam, the People's Republic of China and India: Original of the APS certificate from the relevant Academic Examination Body.

Notes on foreign certificates / educational qualifications

Educational certificates (certificates, transcripts of records, certificates of university entrance examinations, etc.) must always be submitted in the original language of the country of origin and (except in the case of German- or English-language educational certificates) also in an English or German translation by a sworn translator.
Translations must also be certified. Only if the original translator's stamp is on the submitted translation, an additional certification is not required.

Application deadlines and application office

Applications for participation in the supplementary examination can be accepted during the following application periods:

  •     For the winter semester: mid-May - 1 June
  •     For the summer semester: mid-November - 1 December.

The application deadlines are statutory deadlines.  Application documents received by Heidelberg University after the application deadline cannot be considered in the selection and admission procedure.

Application office

Universität Heidelberg
Zulassungsstelle für ausländische Studierende
Dezernat Internationale Beziehungen
Seminarstr. 2
D-69117 Heidelberg