Faculty of PhilosophyHistory – Bachelor 75%

Historical science captures, analyses and interprets human livingworlds in their temporal change and asks about the causes and conditions of historical development.

Facts & Formalities

DegreeBachelor of Arts
Type of programmeUndergraduate
Start of programmeWinter and summer semester
Standard period of study6 semesters
Language(s) of instructionGerman, English, in exceptional cases others
Fees and contributions151.05 € / Semester
Application procedureSubjects with no admission restrictions
Application deadlinesInformation about deadlines can be obtained after you have put together a degree program.
Part-time optionYes

Course Content

The Bachelor’s degree programme in History is intended to convey basic scientific qualifications and a broad basic knowledge of the subject History. The programme is designed so that students gain an undergraduate degree which qualifies them to enter a profession. At the same time, they acquire the skills necessary to approach and solve historical research questions independently. To this end, the Bachelor’s degree programme is interdisciplinary, highly relevant to practice and strongly orientated towards research and cultural studies. It is designed to combine the skills traditionally taught in an academic History course with the skills required in new, and particularly in media-based fields of culture and communication. The focus of the BA programme in History is on ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary history including comparative national history, historical methodology, social and economic history, public history, American history, East European history, South Asian history and the history of the Jewish people. As an undergraduate programme, the degree programme therefore allows students to discover the broad spectrum of disciplines and methodologies associated with the subject.

Course Structure

The basic modules in the first three semesters as well as the intensive and extension modules of semesters 4 to 6 enable students to place individual emphases on particular periods, regions or subject areas.  The Bachelor’s degree in History does not culminate in a final examination. Instead, students with History as a major subject complete a large-scale written final paper, the Bachelor’s thesis, in the 6th academic semester.