SEMESTER EVENTS PROGRAMIndividual Supervision of Term Papers


Are you facing the challenge of writing a term paper in German? Maybe you have little experience with scientific writing or you have difficulties with the language.

The International Relations Office offers individual support in writing a term paper. You have the possibility to arrange an individual consultation with the tutor in order to discuss the structure of your paper and have your text proofread. The work will be discussed together and you will receive tips on how to improve your work.

Please note

The individual support is free of charge and is open to international students of all subjects who are enrolled for a course of study (Bachelor's or state examination) and are aiming for a degree at the University of Heidelberg. Please register early so that constructive support can be guaranteed. If you have any questions regarding the specific procedure of the supervision, please contact Annalena Vogel directly.



Annalena Vogel
Time and Place
By appointment


If you have any questions regarding the specific procedure of the supervision or want to register for the course, please contact Annalena Vogel directly, via vogel@idf.uni-heidelberg.de