Research ServiceAdvisory Service and Project Management – Federal Ministries

Advisory Service and Management of Ministry-Funded Projects

The Heidelberg Research Service of the Research Division provides consulting and support to university researchers in the conceptual design of projects and submission of applications to federal  funding organisations, particularly the BMBF. Projects, most of which are cooperative endeavours, also receive active and intensive administrative support over their entire life cycle, from application submission all the way to project conclusion.

For projects managed by a consortium through Heidelberg University, the Heidelberg Research Service works directly with Department 6.1 to provide a wealth of information and support services as well as consulting on contractual and legal issues.


Services provided include:

  • Assessment of relevant documents (guidelines, work programmes, calls for proposals)
  • Assistance with applications and formalities
  • Support in structuring projects
  • Time management during the application phase
  • Creation of a resource and financial plan
  • Assistance with correspondence to project sponsors
  • Help in handling legal issues (e.g., consortium agreements or exploitation rights)
  • Review of draft applications prior to submission
  • Help with online submission over the respective Internet portals
  • Advice and support in the financial management of third-party funding projects
  • Setup of third-party fund and overhead accounts
  • Advice and support in the legal management of third-party funding projects (general third-party fund guidelines and funder-specific guidelines)
  • Collection of key indicators for third-party funds (internal and external relations)
  • Verification of expense reports
  • Creation of donation receipts