Research ServiceAdvisory Service and Project Management – European Union

The Heidelberg Research Service of the Research Division offers consulting and support in research project applications with the European Commission as well as project management. If a consortium is leading the project through Heidelberg University, Heidelberg Research Service offers a variety of services for contract negotiations and project implementation.

Services provided include:

  • Support for contract negotiations with the EU Commission
  • Creation of Grant Agreement Preparation Forms (GPFs)
  • Preparation and write-up of the consortium agreement (CA) between all the project partners
  • Organisation of project meetings, conferences and workshops in Heidelberg
  • Financial management of projects, e.g., setting up bank accounts, reporting to EU Commission, cost certification (financial statements)
  • Organisation of an effective quality and risk management system
  • Support in disseminating and commercialising results, knowledge transfer within and outside of the project
  • Implementation and maintenance of a project web page
  • Advice on promotion of gender equality in the project

Heidelberg Research Service also provides limited assistance for third-party funding and administering EU projects that are not coordinated by Heidelberg University:

  • Creation of Grant Agreement Preparation Forms (GPFs)
  • Review of consortium agreements during negotiations
  • Financial management of projects