Research profileField of Focus III

Cultural Dynamics in Globalised Worlds


Field of Focus 3 brings together the research activities of the three humanities faculties at Heidelberg University. The humanities investigate the cultural world with a view to language, history and religion, but also fictional imaginary worlds in literature and art as well as belief systems, norms and values. The Field of Focus “Cultural Dynamics in Globalized Worlds” is characterized by Heidelberg's special regional studies approach as well as by the unusual diversity of so-called small subjects.

The joint research focuses on Cultural Heritage, Knowledge Research with a focus on the validity of knowledge claims, and research on Transformation Processes in connection with the Environmental Humanities. All three foci bring together a variety of institutions, disciplines, projects, and individuals; they are strengthened through funding of Thematic Research Networks. The connection to Area Studies and Digital Humanities is very close throughout.

The research activities and the further development of the Field of Focus 3 are coordinated by the Research Council.