FI EMS Call for Core Facilities

Call for Core Facilities Start-Up or Strategic Extension

The Flagship Initiative Engineering Molecular Systems (FI EMS) is set up to promote and establish the field of Engineering Molecular Systems at Heidelberg University and to stimulate new collaborations between different disciplines in this emerging field. It deals with the smart use of molecular components to design advanced functional materials, methods, technologies, devices, and therapies on the meso- and/or macroscopic scale. The molecular components can be synthetic or natural with specific electronic, chemical, biological or biomedical properties. This will potentially lead to a societal impact in areas including:

  • Novel materials with applications, e.g. in diagnostics, drug discovery and delivery, sensors, machines, clean energy, or environmental technologies.
  • Engineering of vaccines and cells with unique properties, e.g. pathogen-fighting capabilities.
  • Engineering and development of new algorithms for data processing.


The FI EMS will fund the start-up of a new Core Facility or the strategic extension of an already existing Core Facility to promote research in the field of molecular systems engineering. Through funding the core facility should provide new technology platforms which support novel research directions for the EMS community at Heidelberg University. Core Facilities will have to contribute to the sustainable establishment of EMS by providing access to novel instrumentation by a cost-effective mean.


  1. New or existing Core Facilities which strategically extend EMS at Heidelberg University.
  2. Technology platforms provided by the Core Facility support research in EMS and will be useful to several groups (list of potential users must be provided).
  3. The concept of the novel or existing core facility must be sustainable EMS at Heidelberg University.
  4. Core facilities must be associated with an Institute of Heidelberg University. The Institute must guarantee for space and accessibility for users stated by the managing director of the Institute.
  5. Individual equipment may cost maximally 200.000 Euro (incl. VAT). Procurements have to be ordered and booked by December 31st 2021.
  6. If personnel funding is applied for, a concept for continuation after Fl EMS funding has to be provided and stated by the managing director of the Institute.

Scope and duration of funding

Possible funding:

  • equipment and consumables in 2021,
  • personnel for setting up the core facility for up to 3 years
  • consumables up to 10.000 EUR/year for up to 3 years


Funding start: earliest October 2021

Success and amount of funding will depend on excellence, novelty and available budget. The newly purchased equipment/consumables will have to be acquired and belong to a Heidelberg University Institution. The core facility must be associated and located at an Institute of Heidelberg University.


Maximum four pages (Arial, font size 11) containing

  • an abstract which states about the excellence of science and strategic extension for Heidelberg University (in general and regarding EMS) (approx. 2500 characters),
  • a plan for setting-up and running the technology/instrument including a valid quotation/budget plan, the integration of the technology into the existing core facility infrastructure, funding of maintenance and repair after FI EMS funding,
  • responsible person regarding fund administration and reporting to FI EMS

in addition:

  • a list of potential users,
  • a letter of intent of the managing director stating about space, accessibility for users, running costs and personnel during and after funding phase.

Deadline: August 31st 2021

Application submission and questions: Please send by email to the FI EMS Administration Office at

Evaluation and Quality Control: Proposals will be selected by the FI EMS Board and suggested for funding to the Rectorate. Annual reporting to the FI EMS Board is expected.