Heidelberg UniversityUkraine War: Support for Students, Doctoral Candidates and Researchers

11 April 2022

Donation account and assistance on residence status, studying or working at Ruperto Carola

In view of the ongoing armed conflicts in Ukraine, Heidelberg University regards itself as responsible for supporting the students, doctoral candidates and researchers affected by this Russian war of aggression. In order to be able to provide non-bureaucratic assistance, Ruperto Carola has set up a donation account and is grateful for every contribution made by the members and friends of the university. The university offers assistance to refugees aiming to begin a course of study in Heidelberg, to continue their studies or to take up a research post at the university after having had to leave Ukraine, Russia or Belarus.

Academics and early-career researchers can approach the Research Division and the Welcome Centre of the International Relations Division with all their questions about obtaining residence status and working in Heidelberg. The Welcome Centre also provides advice and support for Heidelberg lecturers on applying to funding programmes that assist academic counterparts under threat in their home country. These include the Philipp Schwartz Initiative for Researchers at Risk of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the Fund for Persecuted Scientists of the Baden-Württemberg Research Ministry and Funding for Refugee Scholars and Scientists from Ukraine of the Volkswagen Foundation. Doctoral candidates can approach the Graduate Academy with their offers of support.

Students are invited to contact the International Relations Division with questions relating to their study courses and residence status in Heidelberg, in particular on financing their studies, their right of residence and other administrative matters. The Central Student Advisory Office of Heidelberg University offers students confidential one-on-one consultations, either on campus, by video or by telephone. They can also request an advice session in small groups. Facilities to approach here include the Psychotherapeutic University Outpatient Clinic and Psychosocial Counselling for Students at the student services organisation (Studierendenwerk Heidelberg).

Heidelberg University reiterates its position. As an academic community, Ruperto Carola stands at the side of the people in Ukraine and its Ukrainian partners in research, teaching and student affairs. The university condemns all forms of violation of international law, aggression and armed conflict, such as those manifested in the attack on Ukraine. This is in profound contradiction to the spirit of academia and its inherent values of freedom, tolerance and non-violent international exchange. Heidelberg University expresses its solidarity with all those who are urgently raising their voices in opposition to this war and working for peaceful relations. The Russian attack not only violates basic values and fundamental rights − it inflicts great suffering on all Ukrainians, as well as on the people in Russia and Belarus advocating for peace and an end to this criminal war.