medical students help outStudents Join in Fighting Coronavirus

31 March 2020

Volunteers from the Medical Faculties in Heidelberg and Mannheim provide support

Students Join in Fighting Coronavirus

Under the heading “Thousands of medical students help out” the TV broadcaster ZDF reported last Saturday (28 March 2020) on the involvement of students from Heidelberg University in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. The students from the Medical Faculties in Heidelberg and Mannheim have volunteered and are, amongst other things, accompanying trained personnel in the so-called Corona taxi, which provides care for infected persons in quarantine at home. The Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung newspaper had previously reported on the students’ involvement in the new COVID-19 test centre at the Messplatz grounds in Heidelberg-Kirchheim. Student representative bodies and faculties from all over Baden-Württemberg, together with science minister Theresia Bauer, had appealed to students of medicine and nursing, and those from other disciplines with relevant medical knowledge, to offer their services in the corona crisis. “In the present situation, the University Hospitals, other hospitals and the health authorities urgently need additional staff in the area of patient care, corona tests, diagnosis, and also when it comes to giving people advice and support, for example via telephone hotlines.” The appeals received an overwhelming response.