CAPASParticipatory Project: Science meets Dance

11 December 2023

Heidelberg researchers want to develop new perspectives on global challenges in dialogue with dance enthusiasts

A participatory dance project is seeking to find new avenues for the exchange between art and science. To achieve this, the Käte Hamburger Centre for Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Studies (CAPAS) at Heidelberg University is cooperating with the Freiburg DAGADA dance company. Heidelberg fans of dance are invited to turn their individual thoughts on current challenges into movement and dialogue as part of an artistic process. The project “HOW SOON IS NOW? performing cities” starts on 16 December 2023 with a kick-off event and will end with a performance in the Karlstorbahnhof cultural centre; rehearsals will take place on four weekends until March 2024.

Choreographer Karolin Stächele and drama manager Sabine Noll of the DAGADA dance company will provide artistic guidance on these four weekends to devise a dance performance with interested persons of any age and level of dance experience. The focus will be on questions relating to the place of individuals and their behaviour in view of complex global challenges in times of crisis. Researchers from CAPAS will accompany the engagement with these questions and the creative artistic process. The aim of this transdisciplinary approach of dance, research and individual perspectives is to build new bridges between art and science.

The project is open to participants from the age of 16, with or without dance experience. After the introductory event on 16 December, rehearsal workshops will take place on four weekends between January and March 2024. Following a final rehearsal − between 11 and 14 March – the work will be performed on 15 March next year, with three professional dancers, in the Karlstorbahnhof hall.

Those interested are required to sign up with community@dagada.dance.