Call for candidatesDoctoral Convention: Election to the Executive Committee and General Assembly

9 May 2022

Call for candidates for the Executive Committee and attendance at the annual meeting

The Doctoral Convention, the body representing all doctoral students at Heidelberg University, is to elect a new Executive Committee. The total of eleven representatives of Heidelberg doctoral students will be determined during the electoral period between 6 and 14 June 2022. Anyone who would like to stand for election to the Executive Committee of the Convention can still submit their application by 13 May. The Doctoral Convention will hold its annual General Assembly before the elections to the Executive Committee, which will take place at the same time as other elections to governing bodies and committees across the university. The annual meeting will take place on 23 May online, beginning at 6 pm, and enable candidates for the new Executive Committee to introduce themselves to the Heidelberg doctoral students.

Founded in 2015, the Doctoral Convention has the task of representing the interests of all those doing a doctorate at Ruperto Carola. The eleven-person Executive Committee is elected each time for one year. The humanities, life sciences, natural sciences and social sciences are represented with two seats each. One seat each falls to the group of individual doctoral students and the group of those holding academic staff positions. One seat is likewise reserved for doctoral students in structured graduate programmes. The members of the Executive Committee lead the Doctoral Convention and designate two members to represent it in the Council for Graduate Studies.

Eligible to stand for a seat in the Executive Committee are all doctoral students at Ruperto Carola who have been accepted at a faculty. Email applications can still be made to doktorandenkonvent@uni-heidelberg.de by 13 May. General questions on the election procedure and the Doctoral Convention will also be answered via this address. Prospective candidates for a seat on the Executive Committee are asked to state their full name, faculty, doctoral field and type of doctorate.