University CouncilTasks of the University Council

The University Council accompanies the university, takes responsibility in a strategic sense, decides on structural and developmental planning, and proposes measures to enhance the university’s profile and increase its performance and competitiveness.

Further tasks of the University Council include appointing auditors to audit the annual accounts of Heidelberg University and the corporate assets pursuant to §14(1) of the financial statute, consenting to the appointment of auditors for the medical faculties by the Supervisory Board of the University Hospital pursuant to §27(4) no 3 LHG (State Higher Education Act), approving job descriptions for professorial positions under §46(3) 7th sentence LHG, determining remuneration for performance pursuant to §38(1) no 3 LBesGBW (State Remuneration Act) through the University Council’s staff committee pursuant to §20(9) nos 1 and 2 LHG, and deciding on the proposal of the Rectorate on the establishment of inter-faculty, cross-sectoral and inter-university centres for research pursuant to §40(5) LHG.

Senate hall in the Old University building

The University Council has established committees to address special issues or certain specific tasks. They include the financial review committee, which consists of three members of the University Council, of whom two, including the chairperson, are external members, and the staff committee, which pursuant to §20(9) LHG is composed of the chairperson and three external members of the university.

To choose the full-time members of the Rectorate, the chairperson of the University Council establishes a search committee pursuant to §18(1) LHG, of which he/she is the moderator.