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Prof. Dr. Ekkehard Felder
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Mobile spaces: Urban everday practices from a transcultural perspective

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Christiane Brosius (Cluster of Excellence Asia and Europe in a Global Context)

Funding line: Transcultural Studies

The project "Mobile Spaces" focuses on the study of urban everyday practices. It is grounded in three disciplines – Human Geography, Linguistics and Media Anthropology – and aims to develop and promote new angles and methods for interdisciplinary urban studies. It is based on the members’ different regional expertise. Conceptualizing the specific urban spaces of the individual research fields in Asia, Europe and North America as genuinely transcultural phenomena, the project explores in which ways experiences and understandings of cities of the ‘global South’ and the ‘global North’ can be brought together. It probes if transculturality as concept and method allows for new ways to critically examine everyday practices in different regional contexts under the influences of globalization and neoliberalization. The research focus on everyday practices will be approached through the three analytical fields of migration, language & media as well as gender.

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