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Santander International Summer Schools

Heidelberg International Summer Schools were preceded by Santander International Summer Schools, which took place seven times from 2013 to 2017. Santander Universidades continues to support up-and-coming researchers at Heidelberg University. [More...]


TeilnehmrInnen Santander Summer School
Three participants of the summer school "Frontiers in Neuroeconomics" talk about...

...their motivation for coming to Heidelberg, their expectations towards the summer school and their first impressions of HeidelĀ­berg and its university. [More...]

...the ideas they will take with them to their respective universities and share what they will remember about their stay in Heidelberg. [More...]


Heidelberg International Summer Schools for Doctoral Students

Summer School 2013

The international summer and winter schools for doctoral students in innovative fields of research are aimed at building and expanding excellence networks, particularly for young researchers, with renowned universities in Latin America, Europe, and Asia. The programme promotes cooperation and mobility between universities in Asia, Europe and Latin America. The summer and winter schools will take place at the Internationales Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg, the Heidelberg Center for Latin America in Santiago de Chile, the Heidelberg Center South Asia in New Delhi as well as Japanese partner universities, if applicable. Coordination is being handled by Graduate Academy and the International Relations Office of Heidelberg University.


Call for Proposals: Summer School 2018

Applications for funding up to 100.000 Euro should be submitted by email by June 30, 2017. Proposals may opt for a summer or a winter school to take place at any time during the year 2018. A complete application (maximum 5 pages) will consist of:

  1. a topic proposal that includes a description of the topic as well as its relevance to the goals of the programme
  2. a proposed date, duration and venue
  3. a short draft of the programme (in tabular form)
  4. a list of instructors from Heidelberg University
  5. a preliminary list of preferred partner institutions (as far as possible at this time)
  6. a preliminary list of external experts & (if applicable) local cooperation partners

Call for proposals (PDF)


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