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Since Mai 2011 non-EU nationals intending to do research at Heidelberg University can apply for  a "scientific visa" and residence permit for the purpose of research (§20 AufenthG or EU researcher regulations). [More...]

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Working at University

Work Permit

European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEC) and Switzerland

New member countries of the EU (except for Malta and Cyprus)

Third Countries

Special Regulations for Highly-Qualified Applicants"

Highly-qualified applicants are scholars, teachers and researchers with specialized expertise in their fields like professors or academic group leaders. Highly-qualified applicants are permitted to immigrate if they have an employment position in Germany. They can immediately obtain an unlimited residence permit, which automatically allows them to take up employment. Candidates simply need to submit an application to the Aliens’ Office. Spouses generally receive the same residence permit.

Working at Heidelberg University

If you would like to work as a research assistant (wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter) at Heidelberg University, it is a good idea to get into touch personally with the institute or facility where you would like to work. You can find a list of all open employment positions at the University of Heidelberg on the University homepage (See right column).

The University human resource department is responsible for employment contracts and other personnel issues. This department can help you with any questions you may have during your stay regarding your employment at the University. Please note that the Heidelberg University Medical Faculty has its own human resource department.

Once you are employed by the University of Heidelberg you will have to pay taxes and social security contributions.

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