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Day Care for Babies and Toddlers

The child care services available for children under three years of age are limited. If you are coming to Heidelberg with children, we strongly advise that you contact the Children´s Centre (Kinderhaus) our office well ahead of time because it is necessary to reserve day care spaces as early as possible. Your host institute may also be able to help you to arrange day care for your children. Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance and advice.

The University of Heidelberg Student Services Organization (Studentenwerk) offers full-time day care for children under the age of three at their day care centre (Im Neuenheimer Feld 685) to university personnel and visiting scholars. You can find out more about the University day care centres and play groups at the Children’s Centre (Kinderhaus) web site.
You should, in any case, begin to look into the issue of child care before arriving in Heidelberg.

Should you wish to look outside the University of Heidelberg for child care or should there be no availability at the University centres, you can find information about other child care facilities in Heidelberg in the right column.


Many children between the ages of 3 and 6 years go to preschool; however, attendance is not mandatory. In Germany there are three types of preschools – government-funded preschools, private preschools, and church-run preschools. In Heidelberg, the demand for preschool spots is very often greater than the supply and many preschools have waiting lists. Therefore, visiting scholars should contact  directly the Children’s Centre or the Welcome Centre as early as possible before coming to Germany.

Preschool fees are generally based on the parents’ income(s). It is possible to obtain morning-only, afternoon-only or full-time preschool care. Many preschools provide a warm midday meal and some also provide breakfast.

University of Heidelberg Child Care Services

The University of Heidelberg Children’s Centre offers a wide range of services to children of all ages. The day care centres and play groups have flexible hours and can thus adjust to parents’ work situations. The Kids Club is a special facility for the children of visiting scholars. Its location in the guest house allows for flexible and short term child care. Afternoons of games and crafts and reading hours in different languages are organized on a regular basis at the guest house as well. Children are also very welcome to all events organized for internationel scholars and their families by the Welcome Centre. Additionally, the University offers child care during school vacations. Finally, children are more than welcome at the various events in the International Office’s social events programme.

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