Department 6.3: Knowledge Exchange, Congresses and Conferences

The department promotes knowledge exchange through the “Studium Generale” lecture series and the “Junior University” as part of the university’s activities devoted to youth and science. UniKT Congress and Conference Management assists in organising congresses, conferences and other scientific events. [More...]


Responsibility Contacts
Head of Department; LERU Senior Officer Dr. Jörg Kraus
Congress and Conference Management (UniKT)  

Project Management

Christiane Edelmann-Mohr

Project Management

Hariharan Balasingam  

Project Management

Alexander Darus

Project Management

Natali Jurina (parental leave)

Project Administration



Franziska Hahn
Nika Weiss
Junior University Office

Dr. Jörg Kraus
Fabiola Zeh

Studium Generale Office Fabiola Zeh


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