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Please ask Mrs. Schönig-Erdinger for patterns of remuneration contracts.


Michael Huber
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Internal Auditing

The Internal Auditing Staff Unit is the independent auditing organisation of Heidelberg University. It audits and advises all areas of the university in order to improve Ruperto Carola’s  performance in line with the principles of economic efficiency and prudence, risk minimisation and corruption prevention.

Internal auditing examines the cost statements of EU-funded research projects to ensure compliance with the relevant valid financial directives and issues the corresponding audit certificates. For audits by the State Court of Audit, the staff unit coordinates enquiries and requests, attends the on-site examinations, analyses the audit results and obtains opinions. After completion of the audit report, the staff unit monitors compliance with the recommended tasks and obligations.

Other responsibilities include supervising cash points, auditing cash receipt, petty cash stations and incoming invoices as well as remuneration contracts.

Staff unit head, Dirk Gabriel, is the anti-corruption officer of Heidelberg University. In this role he serves as the main contact for all questions and measures related to corruption prevention.


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