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The HCCH has a particular commitment to the transfer of knowledge to the general public. Together with numerous cooperation partners, including cultural heritage protection institutions, museums and world heritage sites, it develops and tests various forms of presentation of cultural heritage within the framework of various projects. Academic expertise is bundled from the many disciplines at Heidelberg University under the umbrella of the HCCH and ways of communicating cultural heritage are developed together with non-university parties.

The Akademische Mittagspause (Academic Lunch Break) from 2015 on the subject of 5300 years of writing, the Heidelberger Schriftstücke (Heidelberg Documents) tour series from 2018 (both in cooperation with Collaborative Research Center 933 Material Text Cultures) and the lecture series initiated by the HCCH within the framework of the Studium Generale lecture series from the winter semester 2018/19 on the subject of Cultural Heritage were all conceived for the general public.

Furthermore, the HCCH is in charge of the valorization and presentation of important but hitherto little known sites of cultural heritage, such as the former Imperial Abbey of Schuttern and the Zullestein ground monument. The HCCH presents local and regional cultural heritage in cooperation with museum partners, as part of exhibitions such as Große Welten – Kleine Welten (Big Worlds - Small Worlds) at the Lobdengau Museum in Ladenburg (2017/18) and Valentinian I und die Pfalz in der Spätantike (Valentinian I and the Palatinate in Late Antiquity) at the Historisches Museum der Pfalz Speyer (Historical Museum of the Palatinate in Speyer) (2018/19). Students have been and continue to be intensively involved in all of these presentation projects as part of the courses.

The HCCH continues to develop forms of academic communication in order to give interested school students insights into scientific work. For example, the HCCH cooperates with the Junge Universität (Young University) as part of the KinderUniversität (Children’s University) and BOGY internships. The HCCH and the Institut für Europäische Kunstgeschichte (Institute for European Art History) jointly organize a career information evening for university students every year.

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