Professor of Cultural Heritage and the Protection of Cultural Property

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schmitt
Marstallstr. 6 / R 308
69115 Heidelberg


Programme Coordinator & Student Adviser

Currently on parental leave

Kristina Sieckmeyer M.A.
Marstallstr. 6 / R 312
69117 Heidelberg
Tel.: 06221/543090
Please contact instead
Kim Jungkamp
Marstallstr. 6 / R 309
69117 Heidelberg
Tel.: 06221/547850



The programme begins in the winter semester. The deadline for the submission of applications by international students is June 15th. German students can apply up to September. The university deadlines for matriculation must be observed.

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MA degree programme in “Cultural Heritage and the Protection of Cultural Property”

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Welcome to the website of the MA in “Cultural Heritage and the Protection of Cultural Property”. Here you will find information concerning the programme, the application procedure, the courses offered, opportunities for discussion and exchange, and important documents and links.
The MA programme in Cultural Heritage and the Protection of Cultural Property helps students to develop key competencies in the field of tangible and intangible cultural heritage and the protection of cultural property. Importance is attached to understanding the theoretical aspects of modern cultural studies, as well as to the acquisition of relevant practical skills. The basic modules offer an overview of different approaches to cultural heritage in the social sciences and cultural studies, including perspectives from Critical Heritage Studies. At the same time, students will be familiarized with the principles of museology and collection management, and with the legal and criminological aspects of the protection of cultural property. Optional modules allow specialization in areas such as provenance research or presenting cultural heritage to the public. 
The aim is to cover every aspect of cultural heritage (whether tangible or intangible heritage) and the protection of cultural property. This is possible because advantage can be taken of a wide range of courses in various disciplines available at the University of Heidelberg. Thus, many of the classes will have an interdisciplinary character. In addition, the HCCH has a large number of cooperation partners, especially in southwest Germany, but also on the national and international levels, who contribute to teaching and offer opportunities for practical work experience. This makes it possible to lay emphasis on developing practical skills. In project-related seminars students are exposed to methods for managing the transfer and presentation of knowledge to the general public.
The degree programme is primarily intended to enable graduates in humanities and cultural studies to develop an independent research profile in the field of cultural heritage. Students from other disciplines will acquire key competencies in the field of cultural studies. It is an interdisciplinary degree programme which combines both theory and practice. Students will need good self-organizational skills and must be willing to engage with a variety of different subject areas and approaches.

And after Graduation?

With a Master’s degree in “Cultural Heritage and the Protection of Cultural Property” students can pursue further academic studies leading to a PhD. Those who do not wish to continue their academic career will be eligible for employment in a wide variety of fields, including:
• Research institutes
• Museums and archives
• Authorities for the conservation and protection of monuments
• Agencies for the protection of cultural property
• Political institutions and NGOs
• Foundations
• Cultural institutions and cultural sponsorship
• Media and publishers
• Adult education and further education
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