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MA degree programme „Cultural Heritage und Protection of Cultural Goods“

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Shortly, the Faculty of Philosophy of Heidelberg University is expected to establish an independent Cultural Heritage and Protection of Cultural Goods MA degree programme, coordinated by the HCCH. This degree programme has been conceived as part of a project funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts with the aim of strengthening the so called ‘rare disciplines”, which are well represented at Heidelberg University.

The programme is a 100% MA degree programme with a full Master's degree qualification and offers the prerequisites for both qualified entry into a wide range of professional fields and a doctorate in the subject. The Master's programme is designed for 4 subject-related semesters. It can be started in the winter semester.

The core fields of teaching for the degree programme include:

  • Theory of cultural heritage
  • International and transcultural aspects of cultural heritage
  • Legal and criminological foundations of the protection of cultural property
  • Provenance research
  • Digital heritage
  • Object handling and collection management
  • World heritage education
  • Knowledge transfer to the general public
  • Internships in international or national institutions for the protection of cultural property

In addition to a wide range of courses on the various forms of material and immaterial cultural heritage from the subjects represented at Heidelberg University, the degree programme also offers various teaching formats, which are conducted in cooperation with non-university institutions. The HCCH has a large network of international, national and regional cooperation partners.

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