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The Studium Generale in the Winter Semester 2018/19 - In the Struggle for ‘Cultural Heritage’

Sg Kulturerbe Uebersicht WebIn the winter semester 2018/19, academics from a wide range of disciplines will address ‘the struggle for “cultural heritage”’ as part of the Studium Generale public lecture series. The events reflect the diversity of the topic: cultural heritage as a human right, unwanted cultural heritage, counterfeiting, digital heritage and rice cultivation in Southeast Asia as an expression of intangible cultural heritage. The HCCH has co-developed the series and regards it as a preview of the newly established MA degree programme „Cultural Heritage and the Protection of Cultural Property”. This will institutionalize the facets of the subject illustrated in the Studium Generale in the form of events such as an annual lecture series and anchor them firmly in the university landscape. Further information on the programme can be found here.



Heidelberger Schriftstücke (Heidelberger Documents) - Collection and research

at various locations, every second Thursday of the month in 2018

Plakat Final

Writing is everywhere. Our everyday life is unimaginable without writing.We encounter it on traffic signs, at the bakery, on the sugar bowl, in text messages, in letters, in books, on house walls, on the little label on a sweater ... Take a step back from the inscribed present to discover unusual, old and very valuable documents. The Heidelberg Center for Cultural Heritage (HCCH) and Heidelberg University's Collaborative Research Center 933 Material Text Cultures invite you to discover the twelve collections and museums in and around Heidelberg, which on this occasion will be exhibiting and discussing otherwise inaccessible objects or placing familiar ones in a new light.

The on-site events take place every second Thursday of the month from 5:00pm - 6:00pm. Since some of our documents are kept in small collections that are otherwise closed to the public, only 15 participants can attend an event at any one time. Participation is free of charge. The places will be allocated by lottery. Please e-mail to register yourself and max. one other person. We will draw lots for participation from the registrations received for each event. If you have been drawn, you will receive a confirmation of registration one week before the event. Unfortunately, not all facilities have barrier-free access. Please let us know if you require barrier-free access. Thank you very much!

If you have any questions, you can contact us by e-mail or by telephone on 06221 54 3964. Further information can be found here.

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