For school students

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Within the framework of the KinderUni (Children's University) the HCCH offers school students a lively opportunity to experience cultural heritage. The Vom Suchen und Finden (Searching and Finding) module teaches the basics of archaeology and goes into practical depth with exercises based on learning through playing. The programme includes excavations, documentation of finds, identification, conservation, restoration and scientific processing!

BOGY internships

The Zentrum für Altertumswissenschaften (Centre for Studies of the Ancient World) and the HCCH offer interested students insights into the university within the framework of the BOGY internships. The focus is on Studies of the Ancient World. Interns can attend courses, get to know university structures and gain an initial insight into scientific work. One of the focal points is work in the university collections, such as the Egyptian and Uruk Warka collections.

If you are interested, please contact the Manager of the HCCH, Michaela Böttner.

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