Core FacilityMetabolomics Core Technology Platform

The Metabolomics Core Technology Platform (MCTP) is a DFG-registered core facility of the Heidelberg University and is part of the Centre for Organismal Studies (COS).

The MCTP determines concentrations of small molecules in biological samples on a recharge, non-profit base. Depending on the requirements of your project, we offer tailor-made solutions as well as standardized metabolomics assays. We strive to provide high-quality analytical services at competitive prices, and regularly customize and develop assays to fit our users’ needs.


So far analyzed sample matrices include metabolite extracts of

-      Prokaryotes
-      Yeast
-      Cell culture (Drosophila and Human)
-      Human, animal and plant tissues
-      Human body fluids (e.g. blood, urine, CSF)
-      and cell culture/bacterial supernatants (e.g. from cultures)

Measurements of further matrices can be established upon request.

Logo image, 4 round buttons aligned like a vertikal bead-string, each holding the first letter to each following word: Metabolomics Core Technology Platform. The word “Technology” is accompanied with vertical lines in grey, green and red making it look somewhat like a diagram.



decorative image: a collage of 4 photos shows some of the matrices that the facility offers to analyze. The top left picture shows a white male researcher holding a green plant, the top right picture shows lab utensils with red liquid, the bottom left picture shows a white lab mouse with red eyes sitting in a researcher´s hand, the bottom right picture shows a microscopic image in green with 3 purple balls. in the center a transparent red square overlaps the photos with the abovementioned list of matrices

Project requests

All researchers of the University of Heidelberg, the Heidelberg and Mannheim University Hospital, DKFZ, MPImF and EMBL are welcome to request help or place orders for metabolite analyses. External projects can be accepted upon discussion.

Before sample submission please:

  • follow the steps of our sample submission checklist.
  • read carefully the general guideline for metabolite analyses with specified requirements for metabolite analyses.
  • see our end-user license agreement for more general information on the MCTP's services as well as users' rights and duties. New customers are requested to bring a signed copy of the EULA when submitting the first sample set.

The costs of core facility services – system usage and consumables - have to be charged directly to the users. For detailed prices of the different analyses please contact the MCTP. Prices can also be seen upon login to the online booking system.

The MCTP uses an online system from iLab Solutions designed to stream the process of ordering and billing for core service requests.

Ordering & Billing

Illustrated MCTP Timeline with 6 steps for Service Requests: 1. First Contact via Email to, 2. Research Plan: Setting Project aims, 3. Online Request via iLab (see Button “Ordering&Billing” on Website), 4. Sample Submission: Samples are submitted according to guidelines, 5. Lab Work: Measurements are performed / Methods are developed, 6. Analysis results: results are sent out.

Services & Equipment



For project related enquiries:

For sample submission and pickup:

Managing Director 
Dr. Gernot Poschet 

Scientific Director
Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Hell

Im Neuenheimer Feld 360
69120 Heidelberg
+49 (6221) 54-5536


Map Screenshot of the MCTP´s location in Heidelberg´s Botanical Garden


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Funding Resources

  • DFG (Excellence strategy, SFB1118)
  • DKFZ
  • intra-universitary core facility-specific calls (CellNetworks)