Projektleiter: Prof. Dr. Reimut Zohlnhöfer

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A Theory of Political Decision-Making


The various approaches of Comparative Public Policy like functionalism, power resources theory, veto player theory, globalization theory etc. are often combined in order to maximize explained variance. It often remains unclear, however, how the different independent variables interact. It is precisely this question that this theory oriented project asks that accompanies the empirical projects. The aim is to better integrate different theoretical approaches in order to better understand processes of political decision-making. The theoretical starting point is veto player theory. Veto player preferences are then modelled according to the results of research on political parties; thus, parties want to adopt policies according to the ideological ideas, but they also want to win elections and remain in office. This allows formulating conditions under which parties will respond to external pressures.

Kurze Publikationsliste:

Reimut Zohlnhöfer, 2013: Policy-Wandel in der Demokratie. Ansätze einer Theorie, in: Armingeon, Klaus (ed.): Staatstätigkeiten, Parteien und Demokratie, Wiesbaden: Springer VS, 377-388.

Reimut Zohlnhöfer, 2009: How Politics Matter When Policies Change: Understanding Policy Change as a Political Problem, Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis 11 (2009) 1: 97-115.

Reimut Zohlnhöfer, 2005: Globalisierung der Wirtschaft und nationalstaatliche Anpassungsreaktionen. Theoretische Überlegungen, in: Zeitschrift für Internationale Beziehungen 12 (1): 41-75.

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