Master of Arts in Translation, Communication, Language Technology

General Information
Course outline
Course structure
Further information on Translations Studies at the IÜD
Application procedure for international applicants

General Information


  • Master of Arts
  • Postgraduate course (consecutive)
Examination regulations and module manual:

Application required?

The Master of Arts in Translation, Communication, Language Technology is a programme with admission restrictions. Therefore an application must be sent beforehand.
This applies to:

  • German citizens
  • Applicants from Germany (Bildungsinländer) with a German BA
  • International applicants


Information on application modalities:

Start of programme:

Winter and summer semester 

  • International curriculum "Technical Translation and Cultural Mediation": winter semester only
  • International curriculum "Technical Translation and Language Technology": summer semester only

Standard course duration:

4 semesters

Languages offered:

German, English, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish

As part of the extension of the language profile by another C language, it is possible to chose Portuguese or any of the languages mentioned above (except German).

Language combinations offered:
  • Two languages from those offered by the institute (B language and C language)
    with German as A language – language combination ABC
  • One language from those offered by the institute as A language
    and German as B languagelanguage combination AB
  • German as B language and English as C language with French, Italian or Spanish as A language – language combination ABC

For international options with Spanish:

International Option with double degree “FACHÜBERSETZEN UND KULTURMITTLUNG” (Master of Arts in Technical Translation and Cultural Mediation – Heidelberg University and Universidad de Salamanca)  – Further information

International Option with double degree “FACHÜBERSETZEN UND ÜBERSETZUNGSTECHNOLOGIEN” (Master of Arts in Technical Translation and Translation Technology – Heidelberg University and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)  – Further information

Language requirements:

  • B language (active foreign language, at least C1 CEFR)
  • C language (passive foreign language, at least C1 CEFR)

International students: excellent written and oral proficiency in German (at least C1 CEFR)

List of recognised language certificates

Language of instruction:

The selected languages from those offered by the Institute.

Accreditation: The course of studies fulfills the requirements for accreditation from the quality management framework heiQUALITY (Accreditation certificate).


Course outline

The course of studies revolves around the study of two foreign languages (B and C language) with German as a first language. Students whose mother tongue (A language) is not German usually select their respective mother tongue in combination with German as a foreign language. Other subjects covered during the course include linguistics and translation theory, translation as an intercultural act, the translation of technical texts as well as the use of language and translation technologies in the translation workflow.


Course structure

The standard duration of the M.A. in Translation Studies is four semesters, including examination periods. Classes are taught over the course of three semesters. Students require a total of 120 ECTS credits (which equates to 80 hours of class time) to successfully graduate from the Master's Programme.


Further information on Translations Studies at the IÜD

Detailed answers to potential questions regarding the Translation Studies course are provided in our guidelines. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our academic advisors.

Further information on this course can be found under Im Studium.


Application procedure for international applicants

Application modalities:

Please submit your application via Heidelberg University’s application portal (“Bewerbungsportal der Universität Heidelberg”).

Please notify us via e-mail with your chosen language combination when you have submitted your application:

Application period (cutoff period):

Summer semester: November to the end of March

Winter semester: April to the end of September

Important: Please apply for the following summer semester by 15.11. and the following winter semester by 15.06. So that your application can be processed in time. The examination of your application documents usually takes at least two weeks.

Application documents:

Application documents must be uploaded via Heidelberg University’s application portal.

Please prepare the following required documents in accordance with Admission Regulations §§ 3:

  • (preliminary) proof(s) of completed studies;
  • (preliminary) transcript of records;
  • certificates of the required language competence (C 1 CEFR - see "Language requirements" above);
  • proof of proficiency in German (C1-C2 CEFR);
  • study motivation;
  • If available, proof of completed vocational training and professional activity, practical activities as well as other achievements and qualifications.

Foreign-language certificates must be submitted in a certified translation (German or English) if the wording in the original is not multilingual.

List of recognised language certificates

Should you have any further questions, please contact our academic advisors

After completion of a successful application, you will need a certificate of admission issued by the Study administration via heiCO portal to finalize the enrolment procedure.

Please find further information on the enrolment procedure via this link.

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