Additional Language Courses

In order to successfully fulfill the degree requirements for a course of studies as outlined in the examination rules and regulations, students at the Institute for Translation and Interpreting (IÜD) are expected to possess both strong written and oral communication skills in their chosen languages (starting level at least CEFR level B1-B2). To assist students in obtaining the necessary level of proficiency, we cooperate with the university’s Central Language Laboratory (Zentrales Sprachlabor, ZSL) and with the Slavic Institute. The ZSL offers intensive language courses and language courses throughout the semester for the A-, B- and C- languages eligible at the Institute for Translation and Interpreting that our students can attend in addition to the subject-specific courses at the IÜD. The course fees of the ZSL apply.


For German, additional courses take place every semester as part of different cooperative arrangements.

For Russian, we provide additional courses free of charge in cooperation with the Slavic Institute.

For Portuguese, there is a preparatory language course prior to the beginning of the winter semester.  

Please note: These courses cannot be credited to your degree programme!


Current intensive language courses at the ZSL


French A1

French A2.1



Italian A1

Italian A2



Portuguese A1

Portuguese A2



Spanish A1 (02/08 – 20/08/2021)

Spanish A1 (30/08 – 17/09/2021)

Spanish A2


German Language course

During winter term, two courses for German as a Foreign language are offered. Since the courses will start soon, we kindly invite you to register in a timely manner.

Deutsch B1 (04/10 – 15/10/2021)

Deutsch B2 (asynchronous, within the framework of philotrans) 


Preparatory language course for Portuguese

Portuguese A1 (20/09 – 01/10/2021)

Portuguese A2 (04/10 – 15/10/2021)


Courses at the Slavic Institute for Russian

During winter term 2021/22, the following courses at the Slavic Institute will be open for students of the Russian department:

  1. 0943R00059 Tutorium „Grundlagen der Rechtschreibung Russisch für Heritage Speaker Teil 2“ (Thursday, 13:00 – 14:30. Teacher: Natavan Khalilova)
  2. 0943R00067 Sprachübung in Kooperation mit der Sankt-Petersburger Universität „Landeskunde Russlands  Лингвострaноведение“ (online) (Friday, 14:45 – 16:15. Teacher: Dr. Irina Gonchar)
  3. 0943R00063 Sprachübung „Russische Textgrammatik“ (Friday, 09:30 – 11:00. Teacher: Dr. Svitlana Gravani)
  4. 0943S00236 „Digitaler Schrift(en)gebrauch"  (Thursday, 9:00 – 10:30. Teacher: Prof. Irina Podtergera)

Registration for the courses above is only possible by prior consultation! To this end, please contact Dr. Katharina Kunz via mail:

LSF#173631 "Einstufung und Beratung für neue Studierende mit Vorkenntnissen Russisch" (Monday, 04/10/2021, 10:00 – 12:00).



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