Heidelberg University's Buddy Programme at IÜD

The Institute for Translation and Interpreting (Institut für Übersetzen und Dolmetschen, IÜD) is a partner of Heidelberg University's Buddy Programme.

We are looking for interested students who would like to volunteer and establish international contacts.

BuTo consists of Buddy and TuTor.

The new BuTo program started at the IÜD in the winter semester 2018/19. The previous buddy program for international students was combined with a tutoring program for first-year students.

Buddy-Programm Universität Heidelberg

So, what does that mean?

Students help students - tutors support small groups of IÜD first-year students and help them transition into their academic and day-to-day lives at Heidelberg University. You can be supportive for example by:

  • Helping create a timetable
  • Clarifying course structure and use of LSF
  • Informing about sport options and library services at the University
  • Highlighting other course offerings at the University of Heidelberg (Career Service, etc.)

Buddies look after international students during their semester abroad at the IÜD. Participants have the opportunity for both linguistic and cultural exchanges.

And, why should I become a tutor or buddy?

  • Because you are nice and want to help others,
  • Because you enjoy talking to new people and making international contacts
  • Because you used to be a "Newbie" too!

... and to show that we appreciate this additional commitment: Tutors and buddies from the BA ÜW and BA TSIT courses of study earn one credit point for their work in the Multidisciplinary-Competences module (Merkblatt zu den Übergreifenden Kompetenzen).

How can I become a tutor or buddy?

Send an e-mail to buddy.tutoren@iued.uni-heidelberg.de! We look forward to hearing from you!

To receive credit for tutor and buddy activities, please refer to the information on Multidisciplinary-Competences (Merkblatt zu den Übergreifenden Kompetenzen).

If you would like to join the Buddy Programme, please fill out the International Relations Office's registration form. Our international students will benefit greatly from your participation.

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