Vortragsreihe Sprache – Leib – InteraktionSocialising the Paralinguistic

  • Termin in der Vergangenheit
  • Thursday, 22. February 2024, 16:00 - 18:00 Uhr
  • Neue Universität, Ehemaliger Senatssaal (2. OG), Grabengasse 3-5, 69117 Heidelberg
    • Prof. Dr. Richard Ogden, University of York (Großbritannien), Department of Language and Linguistic Science

Spoken conversation is full of ‘sound objects’ (Reber, 2012) like laughter, clicks, or interjections, which are ‘in’ speech, but not ‘of’ it. The majority of phoneticians class these kinds of sound as ‘paralinguistic’ – that is, as communicative and patterned, but not a part of language (e.g. Laver, 1994). Strikingly, many features of the phonetic/prosodic design of these kinds of sound object are also found in speech. Sound objects often give us ways to explore, for example, rhythm or pitch being used separately from linguistic material (see, e.g. Keevallik & Ogden, 2020, and papers therein). Despite high degrees of phonetic variability and even novelty in the form of unique tokens (or singularities; Enfield 2009: 13), participants unproblematically treat these sound objects as meaningful, even if the precise details of an individual instance are unique. What general practices are available to them to accomplish this?

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In this talk, Prof. Ogden will focus on some of the phonetic and embodied details of some non-lexical vocalisations which occur post-completion (Schegloff, 1996: 90), which are elements that have a retrospective relation to the prior TCU, and which are oriented to in a next turn by a co-participant. The examples will include clicks and laughter. He will show how their phonetic (and other embodied) affordances provide for them to be integrated with the TCU they follow, and also provide resources to shape a response. The entrainment (mirroring, accommodation) of different phonetic elements of the design of these utterances is an important element of a response to them, and a way for a co-participant to display their understanding of them: hence the ‘socialising’ of the title.

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Die Universität Heidelberg und das Leibniz-Institut für Deutsche Sprache Mannheim veranstalten im Wintersemester 2023/2024 in Kooperation mit dem Europäischen Zentrum für Sprachwissenschaften die Vortragsreihe „Sprache – Leib – Interaktion“. Sie ist mit internationalen Expert:innen zum Thema der Interaktionslinguistik besetzt und spricht ein Publikum über den deutschsprachigen Raum hinaus an. Organisatoren sind Prof. Dr. Arnulf Deppermann (IDS Mannheim) und Prof. Dr. Elwys De Stefani (Romanisches Seminar, Universität Heidelberg). Die Vorträge finden im Wechsel in Heidelberg und Mannheim statt.