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Transcript of Records

This FAQ entails important information for receiving your transcript of records at the end of your Erasmus stay. Please read it carefully to avoid difficulties at the end of your stay.

1. How can I receive a transcript of records after my stay?

For receiving a transcript of records after your stay, two steps are to be taken:

A. Fill in the “List of Courses” form

Please fill in the form “List of courses” by 20th July (or the 20th January if you are staying one semester).

The form can be found on our webpage in the “Documents” section.

The list shall contain the following information (as indicated on the form):

  • the semester in which each course was followed
  • the title of each course, the department and its registration number (can be found online in the course catalogue)
  • the requirements and the credit points which will be obtained
  • the name of the lecturer in case of questions
  • your home postal address
  • the name and department of your home university
  • the name and e-mail of the departmental coordinator at your home university

B. hand in your certificates for courses visited at other departments than the political science department

All courses not attended at our department (IPW), will need to be certified by a written document, called “Schein”. Each institute or faculty has blank forms of written certificates, which can be received from their secretary’s office, online on their webpage or directly from the lecturer. All information listed above should be written on those certificates including your grades (if there should be several single grades for one course, all of them should be listed).

You will need to bring all of your “Scheine” by the end of the semester. You can either bring them during office hours or hand them in at the secretary office at IPW (Erasmus folder) or scan them and send them via e-mail. Please note that our office hours in the semester break will not be regularly held. Please contact us for further information on office hours during that time.


2. Can I check on my grades before receiving the transcript?

Courses, which are visited at our institute, will be recorded online. You are able to check on your enrolment for courses, your registrations for examinations and your credits and grades obtained online as soon as they are registered. To do so, please access our online system via

Log in by using your University-ID and the password which you also use for logging in at the University's computers (you will receive both from the Internationals’ Office in the beginning of your stay). Choose in the left column “My functions”. You will find the module for applying for exams and checking on your grades enlisted in the category “Administration of exams”.

3. When will my Transcript be ready?

Your transcript will be issued as soon as your grading process has been concluded and/or after you have handed in all your certificates. Transcripts can only be issued after the grading process is concluded. Please understand that we are not able to issue a transcript if your examinations have not yet been graded by the lecturer. We will not be able to duly provide a transcript to your home university if the list of courses was not sent to us in time.

If you are in need of your transcript as soon as possible after the end of the semester due to deadlines of your home university, then please ensure this process duly by contacting your lecturers about the correction of your papers and other requirements. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that your transcripts will be ready in time. If possible, please ask your lecturers to send your grades and credits obtained directly to us via e-mail or your “Scheine” directly to our office to speed up the process. If you are in need of your transcript up to a certain date, please contact us as soon as possible to inform us, so we can start preparing it.

4. Where will my Transcript be sent to?

The Original will directly be sent to your home university. You will receive a copy of the transcript. You can either pick it up at the office, if you are still in Heidelberg or you can send us your new address and it will be sent to you on the postal way.


Lastly, again the reminder: Please make sure to send the list of your courses by the 20th of July (or 20th January for those staying one semester only).


With the best wishes for your stay and for successfully completing your courses,

Your Erasmus-Team at IPW Heidelberg


In case of questions, please contact us via e-mail:

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