Course enrollment Summer Semester 2024

General Information

  • Students must register online via heiCO for courses at the Institute of Political Science (IPS).
  • Students from other departments must also register online! In order to give all students a fair chance at securing a place in the seminars, we will not accept oral or written forms of enrollment.
  • Political science students must be sure to enroll as a political science (“Politische Wissenschaft”) major. Further information can be found here under downloads.
  • When creating the timetable, pay attention to overlaps between appointments and individual sessions that take place in block session.
  • For seminars with parallel groups, indicate at least 2-3 preferences to ensure that you get a place. When indicating your preferences, pay attention to possible overlapping dates with seminar groups of other modules as well as compulsory courses of your minor subjects!
  • Online enrollment does not guarantee a place in the seminar. You are only entitled to participate in the seminar after the examinations office has admitted you.
  • Please note that courses that do not have a course number beginning with 180512/522... are teaching imports! These courses may have different registration regulations, limits on the number of participants or subject-specific prerequisites and performance requirements. In particular, check the number of credit points you can acquire - this may differ from the credit point scheme of the IPS. Please consult the course descriptions and, if necessary, the course instructors for more information.
  • You can view the final and binding confirmation of enrollment on 14.04.2024 as of 20:00 in your course plan. All other earlier registrations are subject to confirmation.


List of IPS courses in the summer semester 2024 (German)

Important dates (enrollment)

  • Course enrollment: 15.03.2024 - 10.04.2024
  • Binding enrollment date: 14.04.2024 – 20:00


Course enrollment

  • For seminars with multiple sections: Please indicate at least 2-3 preferences. Only by doing so can we guarantee that all students will get into the seminar.
  • When indicating your preferences please pay attention to possible scheduling conflicts with compulsory courses in your minor or second major.
  • Only enroll in courses which you actually wish to attend. Attempting to “reserve” places in multiple courses puts those students who want or need to take those courses at a disadvantage!



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