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Olympia Morata-Program: Call for applications 

Easydb Id 6404Olympia Morata-Program is also this year open for applications. The aim of the program is to support female (i.e. FLINTA*) postdoctoral researchers with an outstanding qualification project in the R2 Phase (the doctorate should not have been completed more than 3-4 years ago). The program comprises more pillars: In addition to financial support, continuing education and career development measures should accompany and be compulsory for scientific project work.

Applications must be sent electronically by emails as a PDF file to Carmen Waiblinger (; by mid-November 2023 to by December 18, 2023

Further information about the program (e.g. guidelines and call for proposals) can be found here.


Lunch-Talk Digital: Diversity in Subject Matter/s

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Zoom Link:
Kenncode: 767301

There is no registration, so you can participate directly via Zoom. 


Workshop "Intercultural sensitization for students"

13th November 2023, 8.30 am - 9.30 am OR 5-6pm, online 
20th  November 2023, 9.15 am – 12 am OR 3.15 pm–5 pm, Seminarstraße 2, room 175

Speaker: Kristina Förster, M.A. certified trainer for intercultural qualification at universities (HU Berlin)

"Intercultural competence" is a broad and sometimes somewhat fuzzy concept, which we will reflect on together in this workshop, guided by theory, and relate to different areas of student experience. One's own perspectives and perceptions play an important role in this process, as they significantly shape assumptions, actions, and evaluations - for example, regarding teaching/learning culture. For this reason, this workshop will provide an opportunity for individual and collective reflection.

Further information on the workshop and registration can be found here.


Workshop "Gender and Diversity Awareness in Teaching"

Saturday, 11th and 18th October 2023 from 9.00 am-13.00 pm, online

Speaker: Melanie Bittner, freelance trainer for gender, diversity and anti-discrimination culture

Student diversity is part of the reality of everyday university life. This is also related to experiences of discrimination and privilege in social structures of inequality. What does this mean for your teaching? How can you create a space through your attitude, communication and choice of methods that takes into account the diversity of students and enables good learning for all?

The workshop includes theoretical basics on the topic as well as concrete application ideas. Case studies will be used to practice reflecting on challenging situations and to discuss strategies for action.

Further information on the workshop and registration can be found here.


Symposium "What Women Research - A Scientific Kaleidoscope"

Tuesday, 10th November 2023, HCA, University of Heidelberg, 10:30 am-16:30 pm 

Lectures and award ceremony of the Maria Gräfin von Linden Prize.

Registration and programme can be found here.


Nobel Prize for Equality

A world premiere, we congratulate Professor Claudia Goldin, US economist at Harvard University

She receives the prize for her research on uncovering "the most important causes of gender differences in the labour market". This makes her the third woman to receive the Nobel Prize in Economics for her research. Here is a commentary by the university's Equal Opportunities Officer and economist Professor Christiane Schwieren.


Brief seminar "General Equal Treatment Act and Protection against Discrimination

Friday, 13th October 2023, 10.00-11.00 am, digital

Speaker: Dr. Vanessa Adam, lawyer for labour and higher education law at the German University Association (Deutscher Hochschulverband)

The seminar deals with the legal basics on the following topics: 

  • General Equak Treatment Act and Protection against Discrimination (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz, AGG)
  • Basics of protection against discrimination in employment
  • AGG and universities
  • Rights for those affected by discrimination
  • Protection against mobbing

The event is primarily aimed at people with management responsibility. The maximum number of participants is 25 persons. 

Registration and zoom link via

Lunchtalk Neurodiversity - Insights and characteristics of ADHD, high sensitivity and
neurodivergent needs

Wednesday, 11.10.2023 at 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.Katharina Schön Werbebild

Neurodiversity is increasingly in the spotlight when it comes to diversity at universities. Especially when dealing with neurodivergent people, there is often a lack of knowledge about the special features neurodiversity brings with it. In order to provide initial orientation for employees what neurodiversity actually means, which no-go's should be avoided and how communication can support this, UNIFY is offering a lunchtalk with Katharina Schön (psychological trainer and neurodivergent herself) as part of the health week for employees. The event is aimed at all employees of the university.

Click here to register.



Neurodiversity and study: insights and characteristics of ADHD, high sensitivity and
neurodivergent needs

Thursday, 12/10/2023 at 10am to 11am.

Many different people meet during studies and thus also different ways of thinking and learning. As part of the Health Week for Students, UNIFY is offering a lecture by Katharina Schön (psychological trainer and neurodivergent herself), who will look at the different prerequisites of neurodivergent students, draw attention to mental health challenges and provide helpful ideas for inclusive cooperation in everyday university life. The event is aimed at all students at the university.

Event link:   
Meeting ID: 859 4063 2905
Identifier code: 399627

How do we achieve non-discriminatory teaching?

Ernst-Robert-Curtius-Saal at the Romanisches Seminar
Seminarstraße 3, Heidelberg


Racism is deeply rooted in social structures and thus also in education, although many people, including teachers, would describe themselves as anti-racist.
In the interleaving seminar "Teaching Critical of Racism and Sexism" by Dr. Ute von Kahlden and PD Dr. Giulia Pelillo-Hestermeyer, student teachers dealt with cultural studies theoretical approaches as well as analytical tools that make less conspicuous forms of discrimination and violence visible in everyday culture and communication. In addition, cultural studies approaches were used in constructivist learning contexts in subject didactics - especially for teaching Spanish.

Based on the results of the seminar, the students want to discuss in the panel discussion together with Theresia Bauer and Prof. Dr. Havva Engin to what extent the teacher training programme for all subjects should include such cultural studies approaches in order to interrupt latent discrimination in everyday school life.

The event is aimed in particular at student teachers, teachers, lecturers and experts from the field of education, but parents, pupils and people who experience sexism and racism in their everyday lives are also welcome.

First anniversary of the parent-child offices "KIDS" by STRUCTURES and SFB1225 ISOQUANT

kidsOn Wednesday, 14 June 2023, the celebration of the first anniversary of the parent-child offices by STRUCTURES and SFB1225 ISOQUANT took place. Interested people as well as families and children were cordially invited to a cosy afternoon with coffee and cake. This special occasion was used to celebrate the successful project together, to open the premises to everyone once again and to give parents and children the opportunity to get to know each other and to network. You can find more information about the project here.

2023 Re-auditing of the University of Heidelberg

The University of Heidelberg has been certified as a "family-friendly university" since 2010. This year, it successfully applied for this certificate from "berufundfamilie" for the fifth time. The certificate is awarded to universities that gear their human resources policy and the design of the working environment for employees, academics and students towards ensuring that the compatibility of family, career and studies can be guaranteed to the greatest possible extent.

Closure of the day care centre INF 159

The INF 159 day care centre will close on 31 December 2025. Heidelberg University has 20 nursery places for its employees in this facility. It is important to know that the places that the University has had in the INF 159 day care centre up to now will not be discontinued from 2026, but will be transferred entirely to the Humboldtstraße 17 day care centre from 1 January 2026. This means that the university will retain all its nursery places. There will be no admission freeze. All affected parents, teachers, etc. have already been informed. The Studierendenwerk and the Family Service will accompany and advise all parents individually during this transition. During this transition, new contracts for the Kita INF 159 will initially only be concluded until 31 December 2025. For children who are still in kindergarten beyond this period, the UNIFY Family Service will work with the Studierendenwerk to find a good solution for continued care until they start school.

New podcast episode:

A conversation with Dr. Frank Reuter

Podcast IconIn the 9th episode, after a longer break on the occasion of Diversity Day 2023, we are talking to Dr. Frank Reuter, head of the Antiziganism Research Unit at the Historical Seminar in Heidelberg, about the question of why there was no real "Stunde Null" after the Nazi era and why a deeply rooted antiziganist enemy image still exists today as a construct of the dominant society.



Lunchtalk series: 

LET‘S TALK ABOUT MONEY - Equal financial opportunities for women

On the occasion of the campaign days "Equal Pay Day" (March 7th 2023) and International Women's Day (March 8th 2023), we invite you to a digital lunch talk:

6.03.23, 12:00 pm: Money biographies and financial self-determination. Lecture and reading with Dr. Birgit Happel


13.03.23  12 pm: Join us on the stock market trip! Lecture and Q&A with Dr. Roberta Schmieder


Seminar: "Rights and obligations in gender equality issues at universities" (digital)

March 16th 2023, 9:00 am - 4:14 pm 

The lawyers of the DHV, Dr. Vanessa Adam and Dr. In the seminar, Juliane Lorenz will give you a comprehensive overview of the most important legal framework for the implementation of gender equality tasks at universities. Please register at


MuT event "Application workshop - from the project idea to the finished application text"

March 23rd & 24th 2023 (Location: study house Wiesneck)

In addition to the question of what makes a successful application in terms of form and structure, you will learn to anticipate the perspective of the reviewers. In the practical part, you have the opportunity to advance the development of your project idea into an application in a supportive and motivating atmosphere. You can find further information here.


13.02.2023: #The International Day of Woman & Girls in Science  

"With the slogan #WomenInScienceDay we combine the desire for diversity and equal opportunities for everyone. We are certain: diverse backgrounds and individual life courses of girls and women* enrich science." - Team UNIFY (Unit for Family, Diversity & Equality), University of Heidelberg


Workshop: Mentally strong fathers 

Invitation to the workshop Mentally strong fathers - How to position yourself as a strong man and actively contribute to family, care work and raising children. Date: 13th February from 9 am to 1 pm // Trainer: Daniel Kauer // Room 340 University Administration
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