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Central contact point

In order to optimise the interlinking and cooperation between all conflict counselling and and processing offices at the university, the central contact point (ZA) was set up for the professional handling of labour conflicts and misconduct as well as all violations of the senate guideline on fair conduct ((sexual) harassment, bullying, stalking, discrimination). It is available as a counselling service for affected persons and their confidants, subject to confidentiality and can, at the request of the person concerned, be referred to other university departments for further steps.

Contact "Central Contact Point for Conflicts, Misconduct and Violations of the Senate guideline on fair conduct":

Ute Pfründer (Dipl. Psych.)
Phone: 06221 54-3926


recommendations for action 

Every person reacts differently to discrimination and harassment. And every incident is different. There can therefore be no blanket solutions. But below you will find specific recommendations for action that are useful in cases of sexual harassment and bullying, stalking and discrimination.

Make it unmistakably clear what you do not want. Speak out what has just happened, tell the person what the behaviour does to you AND ask the other person to refrain from doing this in the future. 

Document the incidents in writing. Records can later serve as evidence. Note down in as much detail as possible what happened: with details of the place, date and time as well as quotations. Also keep emails, chat histories, letters or notes that can be helpful as evidence.

Attention: When documenting incidents, you must respect the right to the spoken word. This protects the personal rights of each individual. Therefore, for example, audio recordings may not be made without the consent of all parties involved. If there is no consent, they are not evidence. You can also fill out the following document, which you can later forward to a trusted person or to the Central Contact Point. 

Victims experience harassment, bullying, stalking or discrimination as oppressive and restrictive in all areas of life. You can turn to someone you trust, a fellow student or a friend. It is often easier to think about further steps in pairs. If you are being harassed, bullied, stalked or discriminated against, you can get advice from the university contact points.

In the following diagram, you can see the internal procedures of Heidelberg University. Please note that only the optional route is possible anonymously! In this case, please contact the independent (instruction-free) contact persons at the university.

In case of conflicts and misconduct as well as for all cases of (sexual) harassment, bullying, stalking, discrimination and labour disputes at the university, you can also contact (if you want anonymously) the central contact point (ZA). This is in contact with many other contact points and can refer you according to your needs.

























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