GIScience ColloquimSpatial Optimization, Significance and Evolving GIScience

  • Termin in der Vergangenheit
  • Monday, 3. July 2023, 14:30 Uhr
  • Centre for Organismal Studies, Großer Seminarraum, Im Neuenheimer Feld 230, 69120 Heidelberg
    • Prof. Dr. Alan Murray, University of California Santa Barbara (USA), Department of Geography

Spatial optimization is introduced and reviewed in historical terms. The significance of spatial optimization is demonstrated through current analysis, management, planning and policy contexts focused on emergency response, food production, wildfire risk mitigation and public health monitoring. Further, mathematical formalization in spatial optimization offers a theoretical framework to establish findings as significant. The ways in which GIScience perspectives can directly and indirectly support spatial optimization are highlighted.

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